Composite transition, move, scale and rotate.

The problem is this:

I have a png image with alpha, that i want to compose over a color background. I Imported the png file, then i created a color clip, added both to the timeline using the composite transition. Now i can, move and scale the png, but theres no way to rotate it. I try applying a rotate (both keyframable and rotate and shear), problem is, doing it this way, it rotates the png, but cropping it, because of the scale adjustment i did within the composite transition.So the question is, is there a way to rotate the image when using the composite transition?

Thank you very much.

The affine transition does very similar things to the composite transition. And it has a rotate function. So give that a go. The units of rotation are 10ths of degrees. (e.g. 900 = 90 degree rotation).

That was the answer. Thank you ttguy.