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0002564KdenliveEffectspublic2012-04-06 10:002012-04-06 16:20
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PlatformIntelOSUbuntuOS Version11.10
Product Version0.8.2.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002564: Combining Pan and Zoom & Rotate and Sheer/Rotate (keyframable) will gradually slide the center of image/video
DescriptionWhen zooming and rotating at the same time, the image slides to a side during the movement, so the image won't slide straight to the new position, but in a curve. If Rotate precedes Pan and Zoom in the list of Effects, the image will move on a straight line, how it is supposed to, but then the edges of the image are cut off during the rotation, which is undesirable too. So, there is no way to combine the 2 effects so they work perfectly...

Solution: the rotation should have an adjustable focus to make sure that the image is turning around its center. Or if you wish, you could set it to turn around a different point, not the center. That would (probably) solve this issue and add another funcionality.
Steps To ReproduceTry to combine 2 images. The one at the top should rotate in the top of the other one /with Rotate (keyframable)/ on the X to 1800 (180 degree rotation to the left). At the same time (in Pan and Zoom) it should shrink from 80% to 60% and gradually move to North-West and touch the left and top edges of the screen when the rotation is finished.
During the rotation you will see that the image moves on a curve, not on a straight line, which is an additional movement, that you didn't set up.

Now place the Pan and Zoom effect as the first in the order (and Rotate as the second). You will see a beautiful straight slide, but the sides of the image will be cut off this time.
Additional InformationWhat I describe in the "Steps to reproduce" section is the second half of the effect that you see in my video. But the first part does it too.
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zsolt.ruszinyak (reporter)
2012-04-06 16:20

Hmmm, after 12 hours of trying I realize that I can do this by the Affine transition, but still I belive that the combination of the 2 effects should not behave that way. For example you might use the combination of these two effects, and not a transition, if you do not want to have anything under the upper clip...

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