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0003089KdenliveRenderingpublic2013-05-12 23:192013-05-12 23:19
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Platformamd64OSDebian GNU/LinuxOS VersionWheezy
Product Version0.9.6 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003089: Render audio only: between one and six frames missing
DescriptionWhen exporting audio or rendering to "Audio only" WAV (or AIFF), I found the result to be between one and six frames too short.

Steps To ReproduceHere's a test case (64 MB):
http://www.steckenpferde.de/tmp/test.dv [^]

That's 501 frames from a DV recording, exported by Kino. Therefore, it should be shown as 20 seconds plus one frame. The audio is formally stereo 32 kHz (mono really).

My main system is a Debian Wheezy amd64 box. Updating KDEnlive from Wheezy's 0.9.2 to the 0.9.6 in unstable did not change anything. As profile, I use "DV/DVD Widescreen PAL".

Results :
KDEnlive reads 20 seconds : 1 frame (OK)
Render to "Audio only", 32 kHz : 19:20 (6 frames short!)
Render to "Audio only", 44.1 kHz : 19:24 (2 frames short!)
Render to "Audio only", 48 kHz: 19:23
Extract audio from clip : 20:00 (still one frame short)

When trying with avconv -f wav : 20.03 sec instead of 20.04, KDEnlive shows 1 frame less.

While browsing for reported bugs, I found that some people experienced problems only on amd64. So I tried with two i386 systems. Same problem, just with slightly different numbers:

This is a Debian Squeeze i386 (KDEnlive 0.7.8) :
KDEnlive reads 20:1 seconds:frames
Render to "Audio only", 32 kHz : 19:21
Render to "Audio only", 44.1 kHz : 20:00
Render to "Audio only", 48 kHz : 19:23
Transcode audio from clip : exactly 20.04 sec, OK ! probably because of :
ffmpeg -f wav : exactly 20.04 sec

And here's a Debian Wheezy i386 (KDEnlive 0.9.2), inside a VirtualBox :
KDEnlive only reads 20:0 seconds:frames from the test video !!
Render to "Audio only", 32 kHz : 19:20
Render to "Audio only", 44.1 kHz : 19:24
Render to "Audio only", 48 kHz: 19:23
Extract audio from clip: 20:0
avconv -f wav : 20.03 sec instead of 20.04
Additional InformationMy background: I recorded some FOSDEM 2013 conferences on MiniDV tapes. My workflow consists of putting together the videos, exporting the audio, editing it in Audacity and rendering the whole.

Are a couple of frames any issue at all? Probably not. However, when the project consists of a sequence of clips, it does not look like it's just the last frames of the whole recording that are missing. Maybe here is a potential for synchronising bugs.

I'll work around this by assembling DV within Kino, and just export two large chunks of audio and video to KDEnlive.
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