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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000022231 User Interfacecrashclosed2008-11-12Crash when I try to change effect parameter
  000022122 User Interfacecrashclosed2008-11-12crash when open a project if another loaded project is already open
  00002205   Effectsmajorclosed2008-11-12No transition effects on text clip
  00002193   MLTmajorclosed2008-11-12does not play vorbis audio in ogg files
  00002182   Renderingminorclosed2008-11-12mpeg4 file format should be mp4 and not avi
  00002171   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12clipnames collision with effect names
  00002162   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12screen flickers when application load
  00002151   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12audio thumbnails does not render on video and audio timelines UI
  000021422 User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12wrong context menu index for timeline "add audio effekt"
  00002131   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12hard to get the "add transition" indicator in some timeline zoom states
  000021241 MLTcrashclosed2008-11-12crash when deleting a transition in a saved project
  00002095   Effectsminorclosed2008-11-12add fadein/fadeout on clip (dragging green blinking corner) doesnt work
  00002087   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12Serializing creating thumbs
  000020711 User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12Disabled toolbutton in project list when clip is selected
  00002065   MLTmajorclosed2008-11-12kdenlive is not able to work with libmltavformat.so
  00002051   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12Red cross - change Clip Sped
  00002041   User Interfacemajorclosed2008-11-12Can't delete a clip from the timeline
  00002033   User Interfacemajorclosed2008-11-12kdenlive doesn't save the directorys
  00002021   Effectscrashclosed2008-11-12Kdenlive segfaults when adding the «Auto Mask» effect to a clip
  00001983   User Interfaceblockclosed2008-11-12crash on startup before seeing GUI
  00001964   User Interfacefeatureclosed2008-11-12On clip context sensitive menu, please sort the order of the effects by their translated name
  000019232 User Interfacecrashclosed2008-11-12Crash on exit when playing
  00001911   User Interfacefeatureclosed2008-11-12Add extensions flac *.m4a and *.flac to Add clip dialog
  00001902   User Interfacetweakclosed2008-11-12Deleting items from project tree via DELETE
  00001891   User Interfacecrashclosed2008-11-12kdenlive crashes when i create a new directory and open it with a doubleclick
  000018515   Renderingmajorclosed2008-11-12Rendering does not start
  000018410   User Interfacecrashclosed2008-11-12create, resize and move a titelclip crashes kdenlive
  00001833   Renderingblockclosed2008-11-12Can't rendering a project
  000018211 User Interfacecrashclosed2008-11-12kdenlive crashes when generating thumbnails for copied/pasted clip
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