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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000042684 Translationminorclosed (madsdyd)2008-12-29New translation - Hebrew (he)
  00004251   Translationminorclosed (madsdyd)2008-12-29New translation - Hungarian (hu)
  0000424101 Captureminorclosed (madsdyd)2008-12-29file format for video4linux capture is wrong
  00004394   User Interfaceminorclosed (doitux)2008-12-29Bugs in resizing color clips
  00004454   User Interfaceminorclosed (madsdyd)2008-12-29toggle between play and pause button is broken
  00004431   Translationminorclosed (madsdyd)2008-12-29Add portuguese (brazil) translation
  00004423   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-12-29'zone' or 'section' ?
  00004466   User Interfacecrashclosed2008-12-29No mts file filter for open AVCHD files (mts file links provided)
  00004482   User Interfaceminorclosed (administrator)2008-12-29project end not updated after deleting the last segment in timeline
  00004642   Renderingtweakclosed (madsdyd)2008-12-29Xvid4 codecs have all the same bitrate value
  000045221 User Interfacecrashclosed2008-12-29Add track creates a crash every time
  000045191 File Loadingcrashclosed2008-12-29crash loading project
  000046641 File Loadingcrashclosed2008-12-29resizing video while thumbnails are genrated lead to crash
  000047483 User Interfacemajorclosed (madsdyd)2008-12-29KDEnlive crashes adding a new track
  00004683   User Interfaceminorclosed (doitux)2008-12-29undo don't restore applied effects
  000049910   Effectsmajorclosed (madsdyd)2008-12-29LADSPA audio effects not working
  00004931   File Loadingtrivialclosed2008-12-29Kdenlive continues to generate thumbnails even when not needed
  00004891   User Interfacefeatureclosed (madsdyd)2008-12-29Check ffplay and dvgrab from start wizard, allow to run wizard later
  00004881   User Interfacefeatureclosed2008-12-29Support getting new lumas through "get new hot stuff"
  00004842   MLTminorclosed2008-12-29Does inigo really use multi-threading decoding?
  00004793   User Interfacefeatureclosed2008-12-29go 1 second back/forward
  000052062 Renderingmajorclosed2008-12-29Composite transition previews fine but fails to render.
  000050141 MLTmajorclosed (madsdyd)2008-12-29Clip gets stuck on the timeline, can't move, resize & delete
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