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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0002946 1 File Loadingcrashnew2013-01-17it crashes when i load a project
  0002944    User Interfacecrashnew2013-01-15using generators (countdown or noise) causes segfault
  000293862 Renderingminorassigned (j-b-m)2013-01-15Title Clip with accented characters not rendered
  0002940    Capturefeaturenew2013-01-14ship with a 15fps profile to match screen capture format
  0002939    MLTcrashnew2013-01-14Kdenlive crashes upon importing audio clip
  000292721 User Interfacemajornew2013-01-13video when captured is jerky
  000272061 Effectscrashfeedback (j-b-m)2013-01-12Kdenlive crashes with "curves" effect
  00029311   Effectsmajornew2013-01-09Efect - Curves : the channels not works independently
  000289971 Renderingmajorassigned (j-b-m)2013-01-07Audio clips are not cut where I visually cut them
  000285611 Effectscrashnew2013-01-07actualy version 0.9.3. Crash at ctrl-z (undo)
  00020381   User Interfacefeatureacknowledged2013-01-07Audio Thumbnails: Activate individually for a clip
  000033485 User Interfacefeatureacknowledged2013-01-07Audio Track controls
  00025607   Capturefeaturenew2013-01-06EDL Feature
  0002929    Renderingfeaturenew2013-01-06improve rendering profiles
  0002799172 File Loadingminorfeedback (ddennedy)2013-01-06Canon / Nikon / GH3 h264AVC MOV's incorrect levels handling compared to ffplay.
  00029262   User Interfacecrashassigned (j-b-m)2013-01-06crash on opening
  00022826   User Interfacemajornew2013-01-05Kdenlive should change its name to something easier to talk about
  00028651   User Interfacefeaturenew2013-01-05Support XDG basedir specification
  000288971 Build Systemcrashassigned (j-b-m)2013-01-02Crash on startup
  00029202   User Interfaceminorassigned (j-b-m)2013-01-01Can no longer extract more than one in/out pair from source monitor clip. Overwrites previous.
  0002922    MLTmajornew2013-01-01.vob input files first few frames duplicated in preview window, and rendered output.
  00029106   Captureminorassigned (j-b-m)2013-01-01dubbing feature not working
  0002921 1 User Interfacecrashnew2012-12-31crashes on "save as"
  000291612 User Interfacecrashnew2012-12-31Playback complete project crashes Kdenlive
  000249831 Effectsmajorassigned (j-b-m)2012-12-31"Composit" on reopened/converted pojects fails
  000290391 File Loadingcrashassigned (j-b-m)2012-12-31Crash/freezes after loading new clips
  0002912 1 Effectsminornew2012-12-29KDEnlive crashes with Bezier Curves
  0002909    File Loadingcrashnew2012-12-28Executable: kdenlive PID: 4248 Signal: Segmentation fault (11)
  0002908 1 File Loadingcrashnew2012-12-28crashed when I tried to add a clip filmed with Samsung Galaxy S2 HD 1920x1080
  00028411   Captureminoracknowledged (j-b-m)2012-12-28"Device busy" after first Audio monitor record
  00029041   Effectsmajorfeedback (j-b-m)2012-12-27Pan and Zoom effect controls are missing
  000289841 User Interfacecrashassigned (j-b-m)2012-12-27UI crash when adding 1024x576 h264/mp3 mp4 file
  000289611   User Interfaceminorassigned (j-b-m)2012-12-26Several length and duration issues
  000279017   User Interfacecrashassigned (j-b-m)2012-12-25Kdenlive crashes on project scalling
  0002890    User Interfaceminornew2012-12-24Preview shows only part of video
  000288334 MLTcrashassigned (j-b-m)2012-12-24Kdenlive crashes after loading project
  00022739   User Interfaceminorfeedback (j-b-m)2012-12-18Contour Shuttlexpress buttons trigger actions twice
  00008641   Renderingminorfeedback (j-b-m)2012-12-17DVD wizard chapters do not render the same as shown in the wizard
  0002877    File Loadingcrashnew2012-12-17Crash after load modified project
  00028641   Renderingfeaturenew2012-12-16Slowing down high framerate footage.
  000280552 User Interfacecrashnew2012-12-15Crash on applying filters to "stabilized" mlt videos.
  00019641   Effectsminornew2012-12-15"speed" effect does not change speed of audio clip
  0000962    Effectstweaknew2012-12-15audio is lost when changing Clip speed
  0002823    Transitionsminornew2012-12-15bad transitions in slideshow when using zoom effect
  00025951   Renderingmajoracknowledged2012-12-15Clip with any forced frame rate appears in slow motion
  000284611 Renderingmajornew2012-12-13Audio sync /quality rendering problem with last two versions of Sunab PPA on Ubuntu 12.04
  00025072   File Loadingmajornew2012-12-13Incomplete sequence when importing slideshow
  000221111 File Loadingcrashassigned (j-b-m)2012-12-13Crash on add .vob
  00023175   User Interfacemajorfeedback2012-12-13Playback does not stop immediately
  000160611 User Interfacecrashnew2012-12-12Kdenlive Crashed at Start up
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