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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000333421 Renderingcrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05Transcoding a clip crash Kdenlive
  000333032 User Interfacecrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05Crash when playing from timeline
  000326431 Effectscrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05Crash on Align Audio
  000329354 File Loadingcrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05Crashed while movind video to video timeline
  00033176   Renderingcrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05Program crushes on Stabilizing video.
  000330421 User Interfacecrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05continuous crashes after update
  000268321 User Interfaceblockresolved (vpinon)2014-08-05Audio late-start in playback AND rendering: continous problem
  000333222 User Interfacecrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01Master ( movit ) crashes when playing a clip on timeline.
  00024901   User Interfaceblockresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01kdenlive deadlock/freeze when previewing clips
  000224711 Renderingblockresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01rendu plante avec des titres dans le montage
  00022887   MLTblockresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01FATAL ERROR MLT's SDL module not found
  00022225   Renderingblockresolved (j-b-m)2014-08-01Current version completely unusable
  00031162   MLTblockresolved (ddennedy)2014-08-01Upgrade from previous version of kdenlive fails
  0001908    File Loadingblockresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01Unconvenient parasites on vidéo's sound in preview
  00020471   User Interfaceblockresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01I've a video clip in my timeline. During playback, the timeline cursor keeps moving, but the video stops at a certain frame in t
  0002641 1 Build Systemblockresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01Kdenlive crashes at starting
  0002706    User Interfaceblockresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01kdenlive crashes immediatedly at start
  00029991   MLTblockresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01mlt/kdenlive deadlock
  0003033    File Loadingblockresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01Software rebuilds proxis every time I open the project
  00030246   File Loadingblockresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01Program will not start
  0003251233 MLTminorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01program fails to start due to - Movit failed initialization
  000331621 Transitionscrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01Crashed while creating timeline markers
  000329711 File Loadingminorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01Video clips fail to load into clip tree
  00031711   User Interfaceblockresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01Software does not run anymore
  00033141   File Loadingblockresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01Kdenlive nightly hangs or terminates with initialization error of Movit
  00033155   File Loadingmajorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-01Can no longer add audio clips < 192 kbps to Kdenlive
   00032561   User Interfacefeatureresolved (vpinon)2014-07-29Play/pause button always has same tooltip - "Play"
  000314211 User Interfacefeatureresolved (vpinon)2014-07-29Patch: Audio spectrogram color
  00032878   File Loadingcrashresolved (j-b-m)2014-07-28adding .mp3 shuts down Kdenlive
  00033082   User Interfacemajorresolved (vpinon)2014-07-280.9.8: clip monitor changes clips whenever a proxy has been created
  000333621 User Interfacetweakresolved (vpinon)2014-07-15Transition settings "Track" popdown too narrow to be useful
  00033332   Renderingminornew2014-07-08Title Template not render on default title folder
  0003335 1 Renderingcrashresolved (vpinon)2014-07-07Crshed transcoding large .mov file
  00033291   User Interfacetrivialresolved (vpinon)2014-07-07Kdenlive identifies itself at 0.9.7 internally.
  00033261   File Loadingminorresolved (vpinon)2014-07-06Loading from saved files do not restore bitrate for renders
  0003325    User Interfaceminorresolved (vpinon)2014-07-02missing icon "file-save" for menu entry >Project >Archive Project
  00033134   Effectscrashnew2014-06-25dissolve + affine of a png over video
  0003321    User Interfaceminorresolved (vpinon)2014-06-14Latest release not available for selection in bugtracker
  0003310 1 File Loadingminornew2014-05-28Importing a clip, which duration is not an integer number of seconds, causes some last frames to be duplicated
  00032144   User Interfacemajorresolved (eddrog)2014-05-24Kdenlive does not detect ShuttlePRO v2 on newer Linux distributions
  000321517   User Interfacecrashassigned (eddrog)2014-05-24Kdenlive locks up when using ShuttlePRO v2 jog dial
  0003301    User Interfacefeaturenew2014-05-17Option to disable timeline drag seek
  00029976   Renderingmajorassigned (j-b-m)2014-05-11audio out of sync
  00026534   Renderingmajorresolved (vpinon)2014-05-09Rendering make pc crash because memory leak in melt
  0003185121 File Loadingcrashresolved (vpinon)2014-05-09crash while loading project
  00020735   Renderingmajorresolved (vpinon)2014-05-09Some sort of error in the WebM profiles..
  000322521 File Loadingcrashresolved (vpinon)2014-05-09Aplication crashes when loading any audio file
  000316732 User Interfacecrashresolved (vpinon)2014-05-09Crash on moving clip on a timeline
  00031992   File Loadingcrashresolved (vpinon)2014-05-09adding m2ts ( or avi or mp4 transcodes) to the project is followed by crash
  00031951   Renderingcrashresolved (vpinon)2014-05-09Crash on Render
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