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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000273111 User Interfaceminorresolved (eddrog)2013-04-24add marker to splitted clip not possible
  00027425   File Loadingfeatureassigned (j-b-m)2013-04-23[Wish List] Tools : TimeLine > Guides > Import-Export
  000306811 User Interfacemajornew2013-04-22Vectorscope shows false additional data (at 120 degree angle chromaticity)
  000305212 User Interfacemajorfeedback (j-b-m)2013-04-22Buggy Vectorscope again
  00030651   Effectsminornew2013-04-20Vignette effect does not work
  000306411 MLTcrashnew2013-04-20KDEnlive crashes on clip speed lower than 100%
  00030671   User Interfacemajornew2013-04-20Can not move title text with mouse.
  00030246   File Loadingblocknew2013-04-17Program will not start
  000306312 User Interfacetextfeedback (j-b-m)2013-04-16Kdenlive - Can't make title
  000305521 User Interfacecrashresolved (j-b-m)2013-04-14kdenlive crashes when adding .wmv clip for edit
  00030591   Effectscrashfeedback (j-b-m)2013-04-14crash while adjusting pan and zoom effect on still jpg image
  00030581   User Interfacecrashfeedback (j-b-m)2013-04-14crash when editing Pan & Zoom effect
  000287253 User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2013-04-14Segmentation fault with composite transition adjustment
  00029335   MLTfeatureresolved (j-b-m)2013-04-14add reverse video to the Clip jobs menu.
  0003060    User Interfaceminornew2013-04-12Shortcut "*" is ambiguous
  00020973   Effectsmajorresolved (eddrog)2013-04-12speed effect does not work
  0003057    User Interfacefeaturenew2013-04-10Simplifying playback of clips & subclips -> SPACE & CTRL+SPACE -> IN/OUT points & Description Field
  0003056    Effectsfeaturenew2013-04-10Use reduced resolution for realtime playback and effect processing during editing
  000273311 User Interfaceminorresolved (eddrog)2013-04-09no video in project monitor shown first time
  00030534   MLTcrashnew2013-04-08Crash when importing mp4/flv files (from youtube)
  000305032 File Loadingmajorfeedback (j-b-m)2013-04-07Cannot load project, corruped kdenlive file
  000305121 User Interfacecrashassigned (j-b-m)2013-04-07Crash when changing Position or doing playback after loading of project created with 0.9.2
  000260931 Renderingmajoracknowledged (j-b-m)2013-04-07rendering suddenly goes to 100% after meet first title clip
  000259216   Renderingmajorfeedback (j-b-m)2013-04-07Rendering halts without errors upon encountering title clip
  00029374   File Loadingcrashclosed (j-b-m)2013-04-07kdenlive crashes causes project file corruption
  00030031   File Loadingminorclosed (j-b-m)2013-04-07Cannot open the project file, error is: unexpected character Do you want to open a backup file?
  00030251   Transitionsminorclosed (j-b-m)2013-04-07Wipe transition displayed as disolve
  00011012   User Interfacemajorclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07Pulseaudio makes clip and project monitor unusable.
  00014266   User Interfacemajorclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07Buggy playback in clip monitor
  000141921 Transitionsminorclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07crash in transition composite
  000127521 User Interfacecrashclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07always SIGSEGV when quiting kdenlive
  00012334   Build Systemcrashclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07Kdenlive crashes at startup with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
  00014873   User Interfacemajorclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07crash on deleting a clip
  00014782   Renderingcrashclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07Render to DVD always crashes at between 75 & 80% of completion
  00014772   Translationminorclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07Version 0.7.8 removes part of translation?
  000163521 User Interfacecrashclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07Crash while editing 720P HD video
  00016271   User Interfacecrashclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07Deleting title with many instances in play fails and crashes kdenlive
  00015703   Effectsfeatureclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07Need to display text in composite titles for a fraction of a second.
  00015192   File Loadingmajorclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07GUI freeze when loading a saved project
  00016884   User Interfacemajorclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07no operation possible on clips due to selection bug
  000166231 MLTcrashclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07Crash when trying to play faulty clip
  00016561   User Interfacecrashclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07Crashes when undocking monitor
  000165541 MLTcrashclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07Crash after adding Ā«invalidĀ» clip to timeline
  000165414 MLTcrashclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07Crash when adding effect to playing clip
  000186931 User Interfaceblockclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07opening a pre-existing project file crahses kdenlive immediately when opening a pre-existing 0.7.7 project file
  00017453   Renderingminorclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07Speed effect modifies video size
  00017242   Effectscrashclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07Crash while zooming into the timeline with Ctrl + mousewheel
  00016992   User Interfaceminorclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07clip preview video hangs after changing clip in and out points
  00016982   Renderingminorclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07scaled svg images in title clips do not render in project/clip monitor
  00016912   User Interfacemajorclosed (ptitmain)2013-04-07Monitors do not show video when Compiz is enabled
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