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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0003124    Build Systemcrashnew2013-06-14Crashes when adding pictures
  00030882   User Interfacecrashnew2013-06-13Crash on resizing mlt stabilized clip in timeline
  0003122    Effectstrivialnew2013-06-11Paste Effects does not work properly with grouped but split clip
  00007184   User Interfacefeaturenew2013-05-30Feature Request: Multiple timelines
  0003119    User Interfaceminornew2013-05-28"notify" failure message
  0003118    User Interfaceminornew2013-05-28Feature request: delete clip from harddisk physically
  00030865   Renderingmajornew2013-05-26[Speed effect] no rendering
  00030854   User Interfaceminornew2013-05-26Speed effect from 1 to 10000%
  000311512 MLTmajornew2013-05-26Mlt rendering corrupted frames / Version 0.9.7 (rev. v0.9.6-55-ga7bf8b6)
  0003113    Effectsminornew2013-05-25more text effects needed
  0003112    User Interfacetweaknew2013-05-25online integration results should be sortable
  0003111    Renderingminornew2013-05-19vstab.mlt file causes incorrect output render framerate
  000265913   Renderingmajornew2013-05-19MTS clips don't join smoothly when rendered
  00031101   Renderingmajornew2013-05-18Crash after extracting clips
  0003108    User Interfacemajornew2013-05-16Crash while undo edits
  00031003   Renderingmajornew2013-05-15Stabilze has no effect
  00031023   User Interfacemajornew2013-05-15Clip length displayed incorrect
  00031032   User Interfacemajornew2013-05-15Play back speed in Clip monitor does not match original clip
  00031071   Renderingmajornew2013-05-15Extract clip to short
  0003106    User Interfacemajornew2013-05-15Clips do not show in Clip tree
  00030781   User Interfacecrashnew2013-05-15Crash while project monitor view.
  00031011   Renderingminornew2013-05-14Stabilized clip has distorted audio
  00031041   User Interfaceminornew2013-05-14Scroll in Timeline
  00030981   Renderingmajornew2013-05-13Clip Stabilize jobs do not preserve original resolution or bitrate
  000309911 Effectsmajornew2013-05-13add title clip doesn't work properly
  0003097    File Loadingmajornew2013-05-13When loading files it crashes
  0003096    User Interfaceminornew2013-05-13Cancel all Jobs not working
  0003095    User Interfaceminornew2013-05-13Crash when deleting files that are in Proxy render queue
  0003093    User Interfaceminornew2013-05-13Project window shows desktop background
  0003092    Renderingminornew2013-05-13Render clip count failure
  0003091    File Loadingminornew2013-05-13Large amounts of clips(<300), it crashes
  0003090    File Loadingminornew2013-05-13No Thumbnail Preview when importing media
  0003089    Renderingminornew2013-05-12Render audio only: between one and six frames missing
  0003084    Build Systemminornew2013-05-09Removing quotes on 'Exec=' line of launcher breaks launch
  0003083 1 User Interfacecrashnew2013-05-09Crash on adding lower resolution video to timeline
  0003081    File Loadingmajornew2013-05-06Add Clip results in 'Clip is Invalid' error message
  000300411 Renderingminornew2013-05-05Rendered audio goes double pitch
  0003080    Effectsminornew2013-05-03some things to make KDENLive better
  000306211 User Interfacecrashnew2013-05-02libavformat/utils.c:1946: ff_gen_search: Assertion pos_limit <= pos_max failed
  0003066 1 Effectscrashnew2013-04-29"Crop, Scale and Position" effect makes kdenlive crash
  00030721   File Loadingcrashnew2013-04-28100% crash
  0003076    Effectsmajornew2013-04-28Lens Corrections does not work
  0003073    MLTcrashnew2013-04-27Crash when moving keyframe in Affine
  00030651   Effectsminornew2013-04-20Vignette effect does not work
  000306411 MLTcrashnew2013-04-20KDEnlive crashes on clip speed lower than 100%
  00030671   User Interfacemajornew2013-04-20Can not move title text with mouse.
  0003060    User Interfaceminornew2013-04-12Shortcut "*" is ambiguous
  0003057    User Interfacefeaturenew2013-04-10Simplifying playback of clips & subclips -> SPACE & CTRL+SPACE -> IN/OUT points & Description Field
  0003056    Effectsfeaturenew2013-04-10Use reduced resolution for realtime playback and effect processing during editing
  00030534   MLTcrashnew2013-04-08Crash when importing mp4/flv files (from youtube)
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