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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000881   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12Adding MP3 audio to timeline not heard until KDEnlive is restarted
  00000392   Renderingmajorclosed2008-11-12Timeline export codecs are PAL centric
  00000335   Renderingmajorclosed2008-11-1216/9 DV movies exported as 4/3
  00000262   User Interfacemajorclosed2008-11-12does not show video on clip monitor
  00000211   Renderingmajorclosed2008-11-12kdenlive keeps on rescaling AVI input; serious because it's impossible to specify user defined format
  00000131   Translationtweakclosed2008-11-12Kdenlive stores the interface texts in his config file
  00000123   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12Kdenlive can't process .flv videos anymore
  00003262   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12Settings/Full screen mode doesn't do anything
  00003192   MLTtrivialclosed2008-11-12"Dust" effect's description is wrong, gives Technicolor's effect description
  000030072 User Interfacemajorclosed2008-11-12NTSC AVI DV project cannot export to NTSC AVI DV but only to PAL AVI DV
  00002762   User Interfacefeatureclosed2008-11-12Implement remaining advanced clip settings
  00002603   User Interfacefeatureclosed2008-11-12feature idea: render preset templates for youtube etc.
  00002403   User Interfacefeatureclosed2008-11-12Expert tab in clip property disabled
  000023881 Effectsfeatureclosed (madsdyd)2008-11-12Make difference between audio and video plugins in the effects list (all) more visible
  00002357   Effectsminorclosed2008-11-12Rotate effect in v0.7 creates black video
  000022814   Effectsmajorclosed2008-11-12audio crossfade between different cutted parts of the same clip produces cracking noise
  00001935   Translationtextclosed2008-11-12Missing localization strings in about dialog.
  00003434   User Interfacecrashclosed2008-11-12crash when adding clip to timeline
  00003393   User Interfacefeatureclosed2008-11-12What are the plans for AVCHD
  000033332 Effectsminorclosed2008-11-12fade effect was removed after reload a project
  0000329101 User Interfacemajorclosed2008-11-12cannot select project file in "open"-dialog --> No "*.kdenlive" filter
  00003241   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12Settings -> Use as default profile does not work
  00003214   Renderingmajorclosed (jmpoure)2008-11-12The Youtube rendering profile contains vcodec=libxvid
  0000320102 Effectsminorclosed2008-11-12Chroma Hold creates B&W of the Color Key color, not of everything else
  000031363 Renderingminorclosed2008-11-12NTSC widescreen is compressed, looks 'skinny' (maybe related to bug 245)
  00003087   Effectsminorclosed2008-11-12Cannot delete freeze effect
  00003072   Effectsminorclosed2008-11-12Default fadein/fadeout on cutted clip does not have any effect
  000030481 User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12No kdenlive icon after installation (Gnome Desktop)
  00003019   Renderingfeatureclosed2008-11-1216:9 profiles
  00002871   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12saveprofile_ui.ui + renderwidget_ui : use a text widget for avproducer command line
  00002862   MLTmajorclosed2008-11-12Impossible to use ffv1 and rawvideo codecs in rendering dialog. MLT works fine.
  00002854   User Interfaceblockclosed2008-11-12kdenlive saves empty project files
  00002691   User Interfacetweakclosed2008-11-12column widths in Project Tree window don't persist across sessions
  00002654   User Interfacetrivialclosed (madsdyd)2008-11-12mousewheel scroll direction in timeline is counter-intuitive
  00002622   User Interfaceminorclosed (madsdyd)2008-11-12Project frame rates display incorrectly
  0000259    User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12clicking the 'Snap' button icon toggles the 'Show markers comments' button to its left
  00002576   User Interfaceminorclosed (madsdyd)2008-11-12Project Monitor resize 100% does not work with custom size projects
  00002552   User Interfacetrivialclosed2008-11-12render should have a default keyboard short-cut
  00002545   User Interfacetweakclosed (madsdyd)2008-11-12starting up with project supplied on CLI should not result in 'Untitled' project tab
  00002524   Effectscrashclosed2008-11-12kdenlive crashes when i use the transition "Composition"
  000025141 User Interfacefeatureclosed2008-11-12need File > Close Project
  0000250 1 Effectsmajorclosed2008-11-12Duplicate names for effects when using FreiOr
  000024911   MLTminorclosed2008-11-12Kdenlive + mlt + FreiOr water effect startup bug
  000024841 User Interfacefeatureclosed2008-11-12Aoss choppy sound during screen capture -> shoulb be using sox + alsa
  0000245134 MLTmajorclosed (ddennedy)2008-11-12Pixel Aspect Ration problem in PAL Wide profile
  00002441   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12track audio/video toggle icons are ambiguous
  000024231 User Interfacecrashclosed2008-11-12kdenlive crashes every time I select Settings > Manage Profiles
  000024141 User Interfacecrashclosed2008-11-12kdenlive crashes every time I select Project > Project Settings
  00002392   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12When "Opening in tab" is disabled, the project creation dialog does not open
  000023662 Effectsminorclosed2008-11-12Effect order is ignored
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