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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00009372   Build Systemmajorclosed2009-07-01FTBFS on armel
  00009292   User Interfaceminorclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Guildeline not saved
  00009282   User Interfaceminorclosed (xzhayon)2009-07-01Render dialog: Beginning of video should be called Start instead of Render
  00009247   User Interfacemajorclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Resizing clip causes 2 frames offset
  00009461   User Interfacefeatureclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Folder: Drag files into folders directly
  00009441   User Interfacefeatureclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Folder: Autofocus when creating folder
  00009405   User Interfacefeatureclosed2009-07-01Show a short summary of changes when running a new kdenlive release
  00009562   User Interfaceminorclosed (administrator)2009-07-01No Guidelines are shown when clicking «Render» before the document has been fully loaded
  00009512   User Interfaceminorclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Add Guildeline: Has always the same name
  000094811   Renderingmajorclosed (administrator)2009-07-01XviD: Same output video for all bitrates
  00009585   Renderingmajorclosed2009-07-01Rendering fails
  00009062   User Interfaceminorclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Adding a guideline isn't registered as change (save button)
  00009053   User Interfaceminorclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Undo adds effect twice
  00008985   User Interfaceblockclosed (ddennedy)2009-07-01large mem leak with NTSC slowmotion clips
  00008892   User Interfaceminorclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Clip Monitor: Position should be set to 0:00 after having viewed the whole clip
  0000913301 MLTcrashclosed (ddennedy)2009-07-01MLT: SDL module not found'. Without frei0r this doesn't happen
  00009117   User Interfaceminorclosed (Granjow)2009-07-01Title Clip Window: When «--X» selected right border of text should be fixed when typing
  00002705   User Interfacefeatureclosed2009-07-01Feature Request: keyframe editor for effects like volume
  00002117   User Interfacetrivialclosed2009-07-01"Übergang" shortcut indicator flickering
  000035562 User Interfacecrashclosed (ddennedy)2009-07-01crash when playback during video-thumbnail creation
  00004655   Renderingblockclosed (ddennedy)2009-07-01exporting to ogg theora 720x576 blocks system
  00003806   User Interfacefeatureclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Vertical timeline zoom
  0000472184 Effectscrashclosed2009-07-01rotate effect doesnt work
  000059613   User Interfacefeatureclosed (Granjow)2009-07-01Allow to enter unicode characters
  00005951   File Loadingfeatureclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Include selected profile in project file
  00005949   User Interfacecrashclosed2009-07-01Segfault upon finishing the Startup Wizard
  000074984 File Loadingminorclosed (xzhayon)2009-07-01Automatically make title clips to use font-pixel-size in saved projects
  00006761   Effectsminorclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Undoing Audio Effects Results in Wrong Display of Effects on the Clip
  00006753   User Interfacemajorclosed (administrator)2009-07-01"Edit Clip" -> "Advanced" -> "Force pixel aspect ratio" ignore numbers after decimal point
  00006481   Effectsfeatureclosed (administrator)2009-07-01additional keyframes and better usability for audio effect volume
  00006474   Effectsmajorclosed (administrator)2009-07-01cannot set time for audio effects fade in / fade out
  000078121 User Interfacemajorclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Adding translation to group is possible only for first clip
  00007792   User Interfaceminorclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Cannot see add translation button on clip
  000075491 File Loadingcrashclosed (ddennedy)2009-07-01Crashes few seconds after opening a file
  00008441   User Interfaceminorclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Images in TItle Clips cannot be moved anymore after clicking OK
  00008243   File Loadingmajorclosed (ddennedy)2009-07-01Load only one audio channel on vob files with 5.1 audio
  00008206   Renderingminorclosed2009-07-01Can't delete render profile I just created (or any other profiles)
  00007832   Effectstrivialclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Fade (maybe other effects as well) don't work once a clip is cut
  00008461   User Interfacefeatureclosed (Granjow)2009-07-01Title Clip editor: Allow positioning also relative to bottom right edge
  00008454   User Interfaceminorclosed (Granjow)2009-07-01Images in Title Clips cannot be set to exact coordinates via keyboard (moving only via mouse)
  00008722   Renderingminorclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Always get error when rendering to h264
  00008805   File Loadingcrashclosed (administrator)2009-07-01Crash while closing one project and opening another
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