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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000326121 User Interfaceminorresolved (vpinon)2014-09-12"Clip in Timeline > track:time" context menu not always cause jump to
  00033205   User Interfacemajorresolved (vpinon)2014-09-120.9.8 - Importing a 50fps project into a 25fps project changes times on all the clips in the 25fps project....
  00033533   Effectscrashassigned (vpinon)2014-09-04Crop, Scale and Position Effect Crashes kdenlive
  00033591   MLTcrashfeedback (farid)2014-09-04libmlt.so.6 segmentation fault
  00033563   File Loadingminorresolved (vpinon)2014-09-02Length for non video wrong
  00033557   Renderingmajorresolved (vpinon)2014-09-01Unavoidable chroma downsampling to yv16/yv12 during render.
  000258421 File Loadingcrashresolved (ttill)2014-08-31Crashes when adding a video
  000319642 User Interfacecrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-30[0.9.7] Crash on playing project
  000317418   User Interfaceminorresolved (pez4brian)2014-08-23Example (Audio) off the Online resources doesn't work
  0003352    MLTcrashnew2014-08-23melt executable uses all RAM until it crashes when exporting with KDEnlive
  00033374   Renderingmajorassigned (vpinon)2014-08-23Clip stabilize jobs operate on proxies.
  00027123   User Interfacefeatureacknowledged (vpinon)2014-08-20Specify framerate on render.
  000330721 User Interfaceminorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-20Can't see audio thumbnail of video tracks (for mono audio?)
  0003349    Transitionsminorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-20import motion vectors from clip into transition not working
  000324132 User Interfacefeatureacknowledged (vpinon)2014-08-20Limited timeline tracks height
  00027372   Transitionsminoracknowledged (vpinon)2014-08-20Composite transition with opacity less than 100% gets pushed to 100% when no clip to compose with is present
  00012882   File Loadingfeatureacknowledged (vpinon)2014-08-20Feature Request: Adding a folder to the project tree
  0003341    Effectsfeatureacknowledged (vpinon)2014-08-20Keeping aspect ratio with pan and zoom.
  00019411   User Interfacefeatureacknowledged (vpinon)2014-08-20Replace Clips in Project Tree
  00013471   User Interfacefeatureacknowledged (vpinon)2014-08-19solo mode (mute all but selected track)
  00032981   User Interfacefeatureacknowledged (vpinon)2014-08-19Copy or Duplicate Title Clip
  00033031   Renderingfeatureacknowledged (vpinon)2014-08-19Notification when rendering is complete
  0003299    File Loadingfeatureacknowledged (vpinon)2014-08-19Prevent auto scaling of clips
  0003343    Renderingminoracknowledged (vpinon)2014-08-19Histogram in video after rendering
  000320521 Effectsmajorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-19Verschieben und zoomen (Move and zoom) does not work correct
  0003346161 File Loadingcrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-19Kdenlive crashes when load .h264 videos
  00033023   Renderingfeatureresolved (vpinon)2014-08-19Auto add file extension
  00033236   User Interfaceminorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-190.9.8 Fade in/out not added to split audio clips
  00033195   Build Systemmajorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-19Compilation of Kdenlive 0.9.8 fails on AV Linux (based on Debian Squeeze)
  00031631   Build Systemmajorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-19Failure to build due to cmake_minimum_required
  000219387 Renderingmajorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-19Title clips are always rendered with black background
  000312021 User Interfaceminorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-19"Switch monitor fullscreen" with OpenGL
  00032741   User Interfaceminorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-19(0.9.7) unable to open a second monitor (project)
  00031212   File Loadingmajorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-19Big H.264/MPEG-4 AVC File (1.7GB) not previewable, searchable, cuttable
  00033221   User Interfaceminorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-19Crash when edit project file
  00033281   Renderingmajorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-19Massive memory usage by stabilize clip jobs
  000335031 Effectscrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-19Kdenlive crases when trying to cut a clip group
  000331231 User Interfacecrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-19Crash when clipping audio in group
  00033472   User Interfacemajorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-15All entries in Clip menu unavailable
  00033481   User Interfaceminorresolved (j-b-m)2014-08-13Monitor doesn't stop playing after end of Clip/Timeline
  00030823   User Interfaceminorresolved (j-b-m)2014-08-12Clips in preview window sound stuck at end
  0003338    User Interfaceminorassigned (vpinon)2014-08-12Import keyframes from clip does not work
  00032542   MLTminorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-09"[filter avcolor_space] Invalid format glsl_texture"
  000334211 User Interfacemajorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-08Kdenlive interface problem
  000334471 Renderingfeatureresolved (vpinon)2014-08-08Add support to encode projects in the .mkv container format (Matroska)
  00032651   Renderingmajorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-06Rendering does not complete.
  000327341 User Interfacemajorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-06No video monitor content shown (no project, no clip), crashes
  0003288 1 Build Systemcrashresolved (vpinon)2014-08-06Kdenlive chrashed when I tried to 'undo'
  000328624 File Loadingminorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-06Kdenlive crashes every time I want to shorten the length of video
  000299351 User Interfaceminorresolved (vpinon)2014-08-06Little lag during playback (in Project monitor) everytime there is a clip change
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