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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000354   Effectsmajorclosed2008-12-29Text-clip looks interlaced, it's ugly
  00000411   Renderingmajorclosed2008-12-29Slideshow transistion effects can not be exported
  00000654   User Interfaceblockclosed2008-12-29Adding too many clips at once hangs GUI
  0000180231 MLTblockclosed2008-11-12linux freezes totally when trying to render a project
  000017543 MLTcrashclosed2008-11-12kdenlive crashes when adjusting squareblur effect value on a clip
  000017283 Build Systemblockclosed2008-11-12Does not compile
  00001291   Build Systemblockclosed2008-11-12can't build as of SVN 27/04/2008 due to errors in clipmanager.cpp
  000012722 User Interfacecrashclosed2008-11-12Crash when loading a project if project has folders
  00001202   Translationcrashclosed2008-11-12Add Transition to the last audio track => crash
  000011531 MLTminorclosed2008-11-12A mp4 file is shown without sound (audio codec AMR or AAC)
  00001091   Build Systemtrivialclosed2008-11-12Kdenlive 0.5.0 x gcc 4.3.0
  000010141 Translationminorclosed (madsdyd)2008-11-12Czech translation
  00000961   Effectscrashclosed2008-11-12crash on applying Auto Mask effect
  00000951   Build Systemtrivialclosed2008-11-12Trivial typo prevents compilation with latest svn (SVN 1910)
  00000933   Build Systemminorclosed2008-11-12compilation of 1885 failed
  00000902   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12Cannot Add Clip > *.dv, but *.dv files work if drag-dropped from Konqueror
  00000881   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12Adding MP3 audio to timeline not heard until KDEnlive is restarted
  00000392   Renderingmajorclosed2008-11-12Timeline export codecs are PAL centric
  00000335   Renderingmajorclosed2008-11-1216/9 DV movies exported as 4/3
  00000262   User Interfacemajorclosed2008-11-12does not show video on clip monitor
  00000211   Renderingmajorclosed2008-11-12kdenlive keeps on rescaling AVI input; serious because it's impossible to specify user defined format
  00000131   Translationtweakclosed2008-11-12Kdenlive stores the interface texts in his config file
  00000123   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12Kdenlive can't process .flv videos anymore


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