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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000324093 User Interfacecrashfeedback (Steve Guilford)2014-10-07Fast undo/redo actions crash kdenlive
  000324132 User Interfacefeatureacknowledged (vpinon)2014-08-20Limited timeline tracks height
   00032561   User Interfacefeatureresolved (vpinon)2014-07-29Play/pause button always has same tooltip - "Play"
  000314211 User Interfacefeatureresolved (vpinon)2014-07-29Patch: Audio spectrogram color
  00033082   User Interfacemajorresolved (vpinon)2014-07-280.9.8: clip monitor changes clips whenever a proxy has been created
  000333621 User Interfacetweakresolved (vpinon)2014-07-15Transition settings "Track" popdown too narrow to be useful
  00033261   File Loadingminorresolved (vpinon)2014-07-06Loading from saved files do not restore bitrate for renders
  0003325    User Interfaceminorresolved (vpinon)2014-07-02missing icon "file-save" for menu entry >Project >Archive Project
  000316732 User Interfacecrashresolved (vpinon)2014-05-09Crash on moving clip on a timeline
  000318911 Captureminorresolved (vpinon)2014-05-09Crash when I try to capture screen
  000327531 User Interfacecrashresolved (j-b-m)2014-04-14(0.9.7) application crash after a modification of a title sequence
  000318692 Effectscrashresolved (vpinon)2014-03-02Crash when disabling effect
  00031973   Capturecrashclosed (vpinon)2014-02-14kdenlive crashes when using the screengrab, region capture with an offset specified.
  00032093   User Interfacemajorresolved (vpinon)2014-02-13UI freezes on Setting->Configure kdenlive
  00030548   Effectsminorresolved (ddennedy)2013-05-22Videomaterial at 120fps from Gopro Hero 3 cannot be slowed down.
  00024131   User Interfacecrashclosed (j-b-m)2012-01-07Crash when changing project framerate.
  00024071   Build Systemminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-12-08FTBS with Qt 4.5
  0002396    Build Systemblockclosed (j-b-m)2011-12-08run of kdenlive build script fails on just released Fedora 16
  000236712 User Interfaceminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-12-08PATCH: Add "Date" column to project tree view
  00024212   Build Systemminorclosed (j-b-m)2011-12-08FTBS with libqt4 < 4.7
  000214452 File Loadingcrashassigned (j-b-m)2011-05-27Hangs when I load a project.
  00018761   Build Systemblockclosed2011-03-11error installing dependency


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