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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000019232 User Interfacecrashclosed2008-11-12Crash on exit when playing
  00001911   User Interfacefeatureclosed2008-11-12Add extensions flac *.m4a and *.flac to Add clip dialog
  00001902   User Interfacetweakclosed2008-11-12Deleting items from project tree via DELETE
  00001891   User Interfacecrashclosed2008-11-12kdenlive crashes when i create a new directory and open it with a doubleclick
  000018515   Renderingmajorclosed2008-11-12Rendering does not start
  000018410   User Interfacecrashclosed2008-11-12create, resize and move a titelclip crashes kdenlive
  00001833   Renderingblockclosed2008-11-12Can't rendering a project
  000018211 User Interfacecrashclosed2008-11-12kdenlive crashes when generating thumbnails for copied/pasted clip
  00001352   User Interfaceblockclosed2008-11-12Timeline frozen
  00001672   Renderingmajorclosed2008-11-12AVCHD not working
  00001212   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-12Kdenlive breaks when running in Compiz
  00003417   User Interfacefeatureclosed2008-11-11Can not set time in clip title
  00001342   User Interfacemajorclosed2008-11-11no clip trimming moving to timeline
  00003401   Renderingfeatureclosed2008-11-11Suggestion: Open Kuiserver automatically when render starts
  000031515   User Interfacefeatureclosed2008-11-10HDV grab should have m2t extension
  00002016   User Interfacetrivialclosed2008-11-10after capturing RAW dv file names are wrote withouth extension
  00000711   Renderingmajorclosed2008-11-09DVD rendering terminates reporting "The export terminated unexpectedly"
  000002942 Effectsfeatureclosed2008-11-08Kdenlive changes transparency when a PIP transition is applied
  000002892 Renderingminorclosed2008-11-08NTSC Audio Sync Incorrect When Exported
  00000222   Renderingmajorclosed2008-11-08Crossfade transition does not act between audio tracks
  000010611 Renderingminorclosed2008-11-08Generated CLI rendering script doesn't work correctly with filenames containing spaces
  00000761   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-11-08Duration of clips in project tree increases each time the project is opened
  00001041   Renderingmajorclosed2008-11-08No audio when previewing any clip
  00001112   User Interfacemajorclosed2008-11-08no audio in timeline and exported movies
  00003094   Build Systemcrashclosed2008-11-06After Upgrade to Intrepid kdenlive crashes on start
  000002314   Renderingmajorclosed2008-10-30Exported DV files are wrong footage and out-of-sync
  00000422   User Interfacecrashclosed2008-10-26Kdenlive crashes at startup on PowerPC
  00001422   User Interfacecrashclosed2008-10-26kdenlive crashes right after inserting avi-file
  00001645   User Interfacecrashclosed2008-10-26Freeze in "Add Clip" open dialog when selecting a file
  00002562   User Interfacefeatureclosed2008-10-26need a rendering progress bar / window
  000004861 Renderingmajorclosed2008-10-26Cannot export timeline
  00000343   Renderingminorclosed2008-10-26Let user choose if a DV project is interlaced or progressive
  000015914   User Interfacecrashclosed2008-10-25Crash with mlt on startup
  00001744   Renderingcrashclosed2008-10-25Kdenlive crashes when removing razored clips
  00001222   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-10-24Cannot play clip in Clip Monitor with [Play] button
  00000301   Renderingmajorclosed2008-10-24kdenlive 0.6svn build 2007-11-07 doesn't render to any destinations
  000005721 User Interfacemajorclosed2008-10-24Crash when loading this project
  000005071 User Interfacecrashclosed2008-10-24Crashes on import
  00000142   User Interfacemajorclosed2008-10-24audio and vidio quickly become out of sync.
  00000801   User Interfacemajorclosed2008-10-24Poor final assemblage of video
  00002249   Renderingmajorclosed2008-10-24Black Frames between every click after rendering
  00000157   User Interfacecrashclosed2008-10-23Freezes upon deleting a track
  00001862   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-10-23Insert track and delete track has no effect
  00000461   Renderingmajorclosed2008-10-23unable to capture from dv camera
  000004411   User Interfaceblockclosed2008-10-23Build failure - FFmpeg and Mlt++ are not checked ans set properly
  00000317   User Interfacemajorclosed2008-10-23No audio within kdenlive playing any kind of clip
  00000172   User Interfaceminorclosed2008-10-23Bad layout loaded if option to "Load last project" is selected on first time run
  00000111   Translationtextclosed (administrator)2008-10-23Bad french translation for reverb sound effect
  000001052 Renderingmajorclosed (administrator)2008-10-23black screen when some filters are applied
  000000911 User Interfaceminorclosed (administrator)2008-10-23Incorrect duration of WAV file added to project tree
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