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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00028533   User Interfaceminornew2012-12-03Preview audio/video sync problem when splitting audio in mp4 and flv
  00026278   User Interfacecrashnew2012-12-03kdenlive doesn't start
  0002857    Renderingmajornew2012-12-02No pass trough of the input 5.1 channel sound to the rendered output file
  0002811 1 Renderingminornew2012-11-30Add support for MLT without avformat
  000284931 User Interfaceminorassigned (j-b-m)2012-11-28h:m:s:i / image display
  0002847    File Loadingminornew2012-11-25imported png sequence preview work just one time
  0002845    Renderingminornew2012-11-25Denoiser stops after 1 sec
  00006972   User Interfaceminornew2012-11-24I18n strings in diffrent place with diffrent meanings
  0002844    User Interfacecrashnew2012-11-21Crash on undoing via operation history
  00028254   Effectsmajornew2012-11-21Titler doesn't seem to work with 'typewriter' and 'blur' effects
  000284211 Transitionscrashnew2012-11-20crash the addition of any transition
  00028376   Effectscrashassigned (j-b-m)2012-11-20Clip analysis feature
  000283153 User Interfacecrashacknowledged (j-b-m)2012-11-19Kdenlive crashes when removing files from project and timeline
  0002840    Renderingmajornew2012-11-19Não Renderiza
  0002707    MLTmajornew2012-11-18Using full ram while editing about 4 minutes of footage
  00026771   Renderingmajornew2012-11-18Render crashes
  0002839 1 Effectscrashnew2012-11-18crash
  0002838 1 Effectsminornew2012-11-18crash
  0002835 1 File Loadingminoracknowledged (j-b-m)2012-11-17Unable to load SVG clips beacuse special character in path
  000283631 Renderingmajorassigned (j-b-m)2012-11-17Line breaks in SVG not rendered
  000283211 Transitionscrashfeedback (j-b-m)2012-11-17Kdenlive crashes when trying to edit transition
  0002833    File Loadingminornew2012-11-16imported mp3 clip undersized
  000282223 User Interfacecrashassigned (j-b-m)2012-11-11Crash on project opening
  00028213   File Loadingmajorassigned (j-b-m)2012-11-10When I load this MTS file the waveform is incorrectly generated
  000277211 Renderingminornew2012-11-10AC-3 audio converted to XVid causes Tone Transposition
  000279343 User Interfacecrashassigned (j-b-m)2012-11-10Segmentation fault en kdenlive on clip properties change
  000282012 Build Systemblockfeedback (j-b-m)2012-11-10opening impossible
  00028191   Renderingmajornew2012-11-09Render file with AC-3 codec to XVid or MPEG-4 causes audio out of sync with video
  00028144   User Interfacecrashassigned (j-b-m)2012-11-07crashes playing .mov
  0002817    User Interfacetweaknew2012-11-05Project Settings, resolution, aspect ratios
  0002815    User Interfacecrashnew2012-11-04Crashes when clips are selected
  000280221 Renderingmajorassigned (j-b-m)2012-11-03DVD wizard menu background button text and image squeezed
  0002812 1 User Interfaceminornew2012-11-03Crashes when close windows
  000280911 Renderingtrivialfeedback (j-b-m)2012-11-02No procesa los clip de titulos.
  00028041   File Loadingminoracknowledged (j-b-m)2012-10-29Image sequence imported incorrectly
  00013551   MLTfeatureassigned (eddrog)2012-10-24Add JACK support
  00027862   User Interfacefeatureassigned (j-b-m)2012-10-24Slider in clip window is hard to hit.
  0002800    Effectsminornew2012-10-23Applying a SOP/SAT effect to any clip results in combed histogram on default settings. Fast math x64 compile option error?
  0002798    User Interfacemajornew2012-10-22Monitor viewer lag when I play slideshow of photo in high quality.
  000278931 Renderingcrashnew2012-10-22Error when I rendering in vob format
  00006835   Effectsfeaturefeedback (j-b-m)2012-10-22Automatically break a clip up into individual scenes using motion_est scene detection
  00027829   Renderingmajorfeedback (j-b-m)2012-10-22*.xcf files render into huge INVALID title
  00026373   User Interfacecrashnew2012-10-22Crash during startup
  0002797    Effectsminornew2012-10-21Problem with title clip typewriter effect
  0002796    User Interfaceminornew2012-10-21Transcode to DNxHD only works one clip at a time
  000278412 User Interfaceminorassigned (j-b-m)2012-10-19curve tool effect can't be adjusted properly
  00023164   MLTfeatureacknowledged2012-10-18Sub-frame Audio Editing
  00027753   User Interfacemajorassigned (j-b-m)2012-10-16Tweaking timeline clips start and end points fine honing timing freezes kdenlive
  000276861 User Interfacetweakassigned (j-b-m)2012-10-16on drag'n'drop video effect into timeline clip effect not shown (updated) in effect magazin
  000210943 MLTcrashassigned (j-b-m)2012-10-15Crash on track playback
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