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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00022954   Effectscrashfeedback (ddennedy)2011-09-19Kdenlive crashing when playing video
  0002294    User Interfacefeatureacknowledged2011-09-18show frames/percentage done when running script
  0002319    Build Systemfeaturenew2011-09-18Release early, release often policy
  0002315    MLTminornew2011-09-16Audio corruptions when cutting audio clips (maybe only in ogg/vorbis)
  000230981 MLTcrashassigned (ttill)2011-09-15Crash when previewing a project
  00023022   Renderingmajorassigned (j-b-m)2011-09-11Rendering crashes when there is audio
  00023011   User Interfacecrashfeedback (j-b-m)2011-09-10crashes ehile undoing cutting a track
  000230622 Effectsmajorassigned (j-b-m)2011-09-09"Audio correction/Volume (keyframable)" shows up as several "dead" Volume effects after saving & reloading a project
  000220971 Effectscrashassigned (j-b-m)2011-09-05Kdenlive crashes everytime "beziĆ©r curves" is selected
  000148021 Renderingmajornew2011-09-02[] No sound after rendering if using of Gain/Sox Gain or volume to low the volume.
  00022991   User Interfaceminoracknowledged (j-b-m)2011-09-02usability issues with "insert zone in project tree"
  0001697111 User Interfacefeatureassigned (Granjow)2011-09-01VU meter and Peak meter.
  00022982   Effectsfeatureassigned (Granjow)2011-08-31slowmoVideo in kdenlive
  00022878   File Loadingmajorassigned (j-b-m)2011-08-29one (only) MTS file made by a CANON HFM 41 seen as TGA file with kdenlive 0.8
  00022903   Renderingminorassigned (ttill)2011-08-26No audio in Vorbis rendering
  0002285 1 Effectscrashnew2011-08-1715 Band Eqalizer crash
  0002283    Build Systemcrashnew2011-08-15Kdenlive closed
  00022811   File Loadingminornew2011-08-15Wrong duration reported (13 frames instead of 24 frames) for attached video
  0002280 1 File Loadingtweaknew2011-08-12Does not detect low disk space when saving the save file
  00022373   Effectsminorassigned (ttill)2011-08-12After setting negative X rotate in "Rotate and shear", value is increased by one
  00021861   Build Systemminornew2011-08-10Upgrade from 0.7.8 not possible have to uninstal/reinstal
  000217011 Build Systemcrashfeedback2011-08-10crash when import video file
  0002179    User Interfacefeatureacknowledged2011-08-10Add more clip sorting options
  00022031   Effectsminorfeedback2011-08-10LADSPA-derived effects all inoperable
  000221211 User Interfaceminoracknowledged2011-08-10Playing the current project leaves vertical lines in the Timeline window
  00022383   Effectsmajorfeedback2011-08-10Pan & Zoom truncates Title Clip text at Screen Width (less than text width)
  000183031 Renderingminorassigned (j-b-m)2011-08-07artifact storm on certain DNxHD converted videos
  00022762   User Interfacefeaturenew2011-08-07Select all clips after cursor.
  00019678   MLTcrashfeedback (j-b-m)2011-08-04melt crash after rendering
  0002272    User Interfacefeaturenew2011-08-03"move" tool should move guides too
  00022482   Effectscrashassigned (ttill)2011-08-03Pan & Zoom crashes Kdenlive when zooming out.
  00022391   Effectsfeatureacknowledged2011-08-03Add image stabilisation and shake effect
  0002258    User Interfacefeatureacknowledged2011-08-02Improve "guide"/"markers" label display
  0002259    User Interfacefeatureacknowledged2011-08-02Make markers/guides selectable when selecting multiple clips
  000226652 File Loadingmajorassigned (j-b-m)2011-08-01Project created with previous version of Kdenlive won't load
  0002262133 MLTmajorassigned (j-b-m)2011-07-31Some color effect broken
  000226311 File Loadingcrashfeedback (j-b-m)2011-07-30Segfault on opening kdenlive project
  000219061 Renderingmajoracknowledged2011-07-28HDV + DV cannot render because latest code loads old render profile
  00021801   User Interfacefeaturenew2011-07-26When a clip is thin, make it movable rather than resizable
  0002256    User Interfacecrashnew2011-07-25segfault while arranging clips
  000225511 User Interfacemajornew2011-07-24problems with clips with "Duration: N/A"
  0002252    User Interfacefeaturenew2011-07-22Be consistent regardless of whether compiled against libexif or not
  0002173113 Effectsmajorassigned (j-b-m)2011-07-18'Alpha shape' effect doesn't render when combined with 'composite' transition
  0002246    Captureminornew2011-07-18threads option in profile breaks encoding if codec is not multi-threaded
  0002245    Captureminornew2011-07-18MJPEG capture only supports yuvj420p colorspace
  0002243 1 Renderingminornew2011-07-16alpha channel messed up in Title Clip with PNG image in it
  0002242    File Loadingcrashnew2011-07-15Crashes adding any .vob file
  000223231 File Loadingmajorassigned (j-b-m)2011-07-14high memory and CPU usage
  0002240    Renderingfeaturenew2011-07-14Better job control
  0002234    User Interfacefeaturenew2011-07-12Video zoom option
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