Kdenlive news for 4 months... many good things!


Yes, we definitely should blog more, even about small steps... all summed up the progress are not so negligible!

First, let me come back to September: we didn't talk about it here, and it's a shame: we all must sincerely thank Akademy Jury for designating JB for Application Award! We all were really touched, he can be very proud of it and deserves it for so many years of hard work... and he did rise to the bait, as this raised back his motivation to come help us again! So double, triple, infinite thanks for that prize.

Then, let's continue with chronology, after October and final steps completion in KDE incubation.

In late November, we organized a micro-sprint: JB came to my home over a week-end, where while walking on the Chartreuse trails, we mainly discussed about vision for the near and long-term future of Kdenlive. Sorry for not opening the discussion, we didn't really know in advance what would happen. We organized the tasks on the new todo board... and decided to start the port to Frameworks 5 right that evening!

Vincent and JB, November 2014

In December, after 3 weeks and as a Christmas gift, the port was completely freed from kde4support.

Without loosing momentum, JB started to work on the discussed refactoring before the new year eve giving the impulse for 2015.

In January, refactoring step 1 out of 3 has progressed well (project clips, then will come monitor and timeline). It is becoming usable for early tests, but small things still need to be cleaned.

Here comes February. As we talked on the list about preparing a Frameworks 5 release for 15.04 (with KDE Applications?), Mario Fux who is mentoring us focused our attention on getting in line for this. We just had our first IRC meeting, very friendly and effective, and already addressed several points raised then.

That lead me to submit our ideas for SoC, as I offered to mentor a 1st student this year! So welcome to you young coders; it's just ideas, let's discuss what you would like to do!

An important point I want to mention here is that most recent informations are now on KDE wiki. I take this opportunity to warmly thank ttguy for his huge work to complete the Manual, and for the help he provides to users on forum.

There are certainly many points you would like more details, don't hesitate to ask on the list, and maybe we will write more here quickly?!

New mailing list!

Our mailing list is also transferred now. For registration or archives consulting, go on to info page.
Thanks again to KDE Sysadmins for patience and help!

Work in progress

So what's happening since last release one month back? If you look only at source code evolution, you may think I already entered hibernation... not completely!

Kdenlive 0.9.10… Yet Another Bugfix Release

4 month after 0.9.8, here comes a new release of your favorite video editor.

Don't look for shiny new features: development has been focused at removing unreliable behaviours.
You will only find new VBR export settings, video stabilizer, better look on high DPI screens, but mainly no more crashes?

You can download the source tarball from KDE servers, and have a look at the changelog.

Randa meeting 2014

As you have read before, Vincent, Till, and me have met again this year at the Randa Sprint in the Swiss mountains. We have worked on Kdenlive and discussed + partly planned its future.

Read more …

Cleaning things before next impulse

At last it's coming: Randa sprint starts this weekend!

I expect these few days to be oriented towards Kdenlive future (some Frameworks 5 porting, some refactoring, some new features)... So before that I'm trying to leave the present things in the best possible state, preparing a v0.9.10 release.
I have sorted the source files in the repository, so that it is easier to take his marks for a newcomer (like me few month back!), a new step towards code documentation ;-)
I fixed most static analyzers warnings, and am still occupied with reproducing and fixing bugs... some old entries are still relevant or contain interesting suggestions!

Even if you are not a developer, you can help in this task by reproducing bugs with recent builds, cleaning obsolete entries... don't hesitate to contact us!

Another important thing is translations; even for old versions, many languages are still incomplete. If you want to get involved, get in touch with your local KDE "l10n" team, it is a good opportunity to help the project in general!

My target is to catch Debian Jessie (5. nov.; for Ubuntu Utopic it's too late)... letting time for packagers & release managers to do their work it means we should deliver everything around mid September!

If you have suggestions in mind for small improvements or big changes, it's also time to send us a comment, so that we can consider it in our discussions.

For sure there will be news soon, with pictures from the Alps!

Kdenlive at Randa

Back in 2011 among other things the foundations for a renewal of Kdenlive's code were laid in a small village in the Swiss alps. In August again some members of the Kdenlive team will attend the KDE developer sprint in Randa. We want to use the week to push new energy into Kdenlive and to discuss future plans. Major topics will be:

Kdenlive 0.9.8, the stable track

Dear kdenlive fans,

If you edit movies "for real", you probably don't use the development snapshots (do you?) and stick to the latest release, dating back from one year. Yet, our bugtracker didn't remain empty even with v0.9.6, so you may have been waiting for an upgrade... here it comes!

I like to Movit!

Dear Kdenlive users,

No news for one year, let's admit it was a low time for the project. But that's over: we are back, with renewed energy and cool new stuff to play with!

First of all, let's talk about the long waited GPU-accelerated effects, from Movit library.
Integrated for months in MLT, we had to activate GLSL backend in kdenlive to support this feature. Job done by Sesse (movit author) while preparing his brilliant demo at FOSDEM.

Moving Kdenlive's forum

The Kdenlive forums, that were usually hosted on have moved!
Our forums are now hosted on KDE's forum website.

Existing posts have now been migrated to the new forum.

This move was decided because our server could not handle the load anymore, and also because for a long time we wanted to tighten our links with the KDE community.

This will also help our developers to concentrate on Kdenlive's code, not on website maintenance.
So for now you can find the following Kdenlive resources on KDE's infrastructure:

We hope this will bring all users a better experience.

If you had an account on and on both registered to the same email address then your posts at will have been merged into your account. If you did not have an account on then one will have been created for you on with the same user name and email address as you had on (Unless this user name was already in use at In this case a user will have been created with your user name suffixed with _drupal). The new accounts created by the forum migration will need a new password before you can send to them. Request this at .

If anyone got the "_drupal" suffix and wants to change their username, just send a mail to the admins (


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