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Introducing Color Scopes: The Waveform and The RGB Parade

In my previous post I’ve introduced the Histogram that will be available in kdenlive 0.7.8.

Next in the list of the Color Scopes I added are two closely related scopes: Waveform and RGB Parade. Both of them do the same, Waveform for Luma, RGB Parade for the RGB components. Therefore I will not always explicitly point out that properties hold for both scopes and speak of Waveform only.

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Introducing Color Scopes: The Histogram

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Translation by Александр Прокудин (Alexandre Prokoudine)

With kdenlive 0.7.8 I added some color scopes, used for displaying color information. In this section I will give a brief overviews over scopes in general and explain the most basic scope, the histogram, in detail.

Color correction. This is a really important topic in video editing. It starts with simple stretching of the tonal range if the brightness is not ideal, goes on with white balance to ensure that white remains white and not blue, and finally ends with creating looks which make your video look unique. (Remember the blueish Minority Report? The contrasty The Departed?)

For color correction we basically need two things, Effects for changing the colors and Scopes for monitoring the changes. The first scope I'm showing now is, as already mentioned, the histogram:

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