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Next Kdenlive Cafés

We want to continue the great experience we had with the Kdenlive café, a
two hour informal meeting on irc.freenode.net in channel #kdenlive.

This is an opportunity for Kdenlive developers and users to exchange ideas, talk about how we want to see the Kdenlive project evolve and also discuss how you can help us on that way!

As was done last time, we will select dates and times for the next
two Cafés, so please add yourself to this date selection tool

On Sunday, the 24th of January 2016 we will close the date selection and
announce the third and fourth Café here, on kdenlive.org and on the
Kdenlive mailing list.

The reference timezone is Central European Timezone (UTC+1).

Hope to see you there!

Kdenlive 15.12.1 released

The latest release of Kdenlive brings many bugfixes to the 15.12.0 version. More than 20 issues were fixed and we encourage all users to upgrade. You can find more details about the fixed issues in our information page.

Despite our lack of communication, the project is really active these days, with many new exciting features added to the master branch that will be released as Kdenlive 16.04.0. We will also make a small Kdenlive coding sprint at the end of this month!

Tomorrow morning, the second Kdenlive Café will happen at 10h00 UTC (11h00 CET), where users and developers can exchange.

If you like Kdenlive and want to support, don't hesitate to talk and blog about it, test it, report bugs, or meet us for a chat in the café.

You can also show your love by donating to the KDE project. The KDE community and project is supporting Kdenlive in many ways, by providing libraries, advices, organizing meetings, providing all the infrastructure and much more, allowing us to improve Kdenlive (almost) everyday!

Kdenlive 15.12, what to expect

We have been working hard over the past months to improve stability, polish the interface and continue our big code cleanup. Kdenlive 15.12.0 will be released next week, and here are some of the changes you will get with this new version:

New Features

We managed to add a few nice features. here are a few of them:

  • Timeline effects and Bin effects can be temporarily disabled and re-enabled in 2 clicks
  • A basic implementation of a copy / paste feature has been added, which allows you to save a part of your timeline and import it later inside another project with all effects and transitions being editable
  • Track transparency: a simple click allows you to enable / disable transparency for a given track
  • Icons now automatically adapt their color scheme (light or dark) to the UI theme
  • More infos on the features should hopefully be published soon...

General Workflow Improvements

We did several small but nice changes to improve the workflow. Several context menus and buttons have been reviewed and changed to make the most useful features easier to find.
You can also now drag an effect in the clip monitor to add it to the selected clip. Or define favorite effects that will be available from a quick pull down menu in the main toolbar... just to name a few of the changes.


We fixed many crashes and timeline corruption problems, so we hope you will enjoy working with this version.


Vincent Pinon started work on packages for Kdenlive's development version so that we can get more feedback before releasing a version.

Team and Events

As previously said, the Randa Meeting really helped the Kdenlive development, and we also hope to organize a small Kdenlive coding sprint in the first months of 2016.
Mario Fux stepped in to organize a Kdenlive Café which will be a great opportunity to exchange about the present and future of Kdenlive.

And as usual, several very motivated users really helped us improving Kdenlive by reporting issues, following and testing the fixes, proposing ideas, features and patches on the bugtracker, so a big thanks to them.

Kdenlive at Randa meetings - first report

We arrived here on wednesday, and started discussions about our plans in the train. Here is a short resume of what happened during these first days:

We decided to work on bug tracking during the first day, since the Kdenlive 15.08.1 release was imminent. We fixed quite a few bugs that will improve stability of the 15.08 branch.

The second important goal was to take advantage of having so many great people around us to improve Kdenlive. So we had contacts in these domains:

Mission statement:

We started the work on our "Mission Statement" to better define which users / jobs Kdenlive is designed for. This will help us to focus on important tasks for our target audience. We are in contact with people from the VDG (KDE's Visual Design Group) to get feedback on that process.

Ui design and workflow:

We had a session with people from the VDG (KDE's Visual Design Group) to review Kdenlive. We also had the chance of having a user of professional video software who had never seen Kdenlive so he was the perfect test subject for our UI review session. We wrote a wiki page on the ideas that came out of this. We encourage you to visit that page and give us feedback (a few issues were already reported on the bugtracker). As time permits, we will try to implement these ideas to improve the workflow.


There are a few issues/crashes in Kdenlive related to Qt5/KF5 bugs, and we made some contacts to get some help on this.

Next features:

We discussed some of the features we want to integrate for the 15.12 release, and other long term goals.

The feature we would like to integrate for the december release are: merge the animation feature from GSoC, same track transition (eg. overlapping 2 clips to crossfade), and a way to copy/paste between projects.

Preparing for Kdenlive 15.08

Kdenlive 15.08 will be released with KDE Applications 15.08. Beta version should be released next week.

This version is the result of a hard refactoring work to make Kdenlive's code cleaner and easier to maintain. While the refactoring effort is not finished and a lot of cleanup if still required, I am proud of the result that finally integrates some of the work from Till Theato and ideas gathered in our brainstorming from last year.

Of course, there will probably be a few regressions, but I am confident that they can be solved quickly. We will try to post some videos and blogs about the new features that you can expect in this release, Akademy 2015 will probably be a good time for that!

Hope to see some of you in Spain, and best regards from the Kdenlive team.

Kdenlive 15.04.0 released

The Kdenlive team is happy to announce the release of Kdenlive 15.04.0. While there are very few new features in this release, it is a huge step towards a bright future!

Kdenlive is now an official KDE application

This has several implications:

  • We fully benefit from KDE's infrastructure, which means less worries for the developpers.
  • We stick to KDE Applications release schedule, which means one bugfix release every month, one feature improved version every 4 months. That's a big change from the previous random release every year or so. This is possible because the KDE team takes care of the release, not our small dev team, so a big thank you to KDE.
  • We now use KDE's bugtacker at https://bugs.kde.org.
  • We benefit from KDE's build servers and team, which means that we might in the future have Mac OS and Windows versions without too much efforts from the dev team.
  • We can now be part of the Google Summer Of Code.
  • We have adopted the KDE Applications numbering scheme. From now on, Kdenlive versions will be numbered with Year.Month.Bugfix. That explains the 15.04.0 version.
  • Every KDE contributor can help us improve Kdenlive.

What changes right now for Kdenlive users

Most of the work for this release was porting the code to Qt5 and KDE Frameworks 5 (KF5). While users will not see direct benefit, this makes us ready for the next big steps. Changes in this version include:

  • Since we are now based on Qt5/KF5, you NEED KDE Frameworks 5 to run Kdenlive.
  • Fixed video stabilization
  • Auto save new projects
  • Download new render profile feature fixed

You can download the source code, binary packages for your distro should hopefully be prepared by distibution packagers.

What will change in the near future

While Kdenlive 15.04.0 is mostly a Qt5/KF5 port, we have many new features/improvements in preparation for the 15.08.0 release. Here are some of the features that we are currently working on:

  • Finally integrate some of Till Theato's work resulting from our Indiegogo campain. It took us 2.5 years but we are finally merging parts of the refactoring effort.
  • Use OpenGL for the video display, bringing back experimental GPU display and effects
  • Add effects to Project clips: for example, add color correction to the clip in the Project Bin. Every instance of the clip that is then used in timeline will have that color correction.
  • Cleaning the code to make it easier to understand.

That's it for today, I probably forgot many things but that might be an excuse to blog more often :).

Moving Kdenlive's forum

The Kdenlive forums, that were usually hosted on kdenlive.org have moved!
Our forums are now hosted on KDE's forum website.

Existing posts have now been migrated to the new forum.

This move was decided because our kdenlive.org server could not handle the load anymore, and also because for a long time we wanted to tighten our links with the KDE community.

This will also help our developers to concentrate on Kdenlive's code, not on website maintenance.
So for now you can find the following Kdenlive resources on KDE's infrastructure:

We hope this will bring all users a better experience.

If you had an account on forum.kde.org and on kdenlive.org both registered to the same email address then your posts at kdenlive.org will have been merged into your forum.kde.org account. If you did not have an account on forum.kde.org then one will have been created for you on forum.kde.org with the same user name and email address as you had on forum.kde.org (Unless this user name was already in use at forum.kde.org. In this case a user will have been created with your kdenlive.org user name suffixed with _drupal). The new accounts created by the forum migration will need a new password before you can send to them. Request this at https://forum.kde.org/ucp.php?mode=sendpassword .

If anyone got the "_drupal" suffix and wants to change their username, just send a mail to the admins (forum-admin@kde.org).

Kdenlive: spring cleaning

Here are some news on what is happening with Kdenlive's video editor. Last year, we launched a successful IndieGoGo campaign to sponsor Till Theato's work on Kdenlive.

I have finally found time to start merging his great work so that we can clean up Kdenlive and move towards the future.

I will merge my work in the next days in Kdenlive's git master. This means that the master branch will become unusable for editing for a few months until we stabilize everything. So everyone using Kdenlive from git will need to switch to the v0.9 branch if they want to be able to do editing.

This work will bring in some exciting changes, like performance improvements and usability enhancements.
Since we will also improve the integration of the MLT framework in the process, we will also benefit from exciting new features like the high quality accelerated movit filters, and the new spline based animation feature.

I will try to post updates on a regular basis, so that people can also join the development.

Kdenlive 0.9.6 released

We are happy to announce the immediate release of Kdenlive 0.9.6.

This version fixes several bugs and crashes, including a very annoying bug that caused project files to seem corrupted. All users are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

You will find detailled infos about the changes in this release on our Kdenlive 0.9.6 info page.

The source code can be downloaded from the KDE servers, there are 2 available tarballs, since we decided to also distribute Kdenlive with its user manual:

Packages for your distributions should hopefully be available soon.
It is recommended to use the latest version of the MLT framework (0.8.8) to get the recent bugfixes and improvements.

As usual, a big thank you to all those who helped us make this release better by giving us feedback and investigating the bugs they found.
You can check the Kdenlive online manual and forums for documentation and help.

For the Kdenlive team,

Jean-Baptiste Mardelle

Kdenlive 0.9.4 released

We are finally releasing version 0.9.4 of the Kdenlive video editor after several delays.

This version fixes several bugs and crashes, all users are encouraged to upgrade. The source code can be downloaded from the KDE servers, packages for your distributions should hopefully be available soon. It is also recommended to use the latest version of the MLT framework (0.8.8) to get the recent bugfixes and improvements.

You will find detailled infos about the new features / fixes on our Kdenlive 0.9.4 info page.

Our efforts will now concentrate on merging the refactoring work started by Till Theato (as a result of our fundraising campain) , and cleaning the codebase to make it easier to evolve and integrate the future developments in the MLT video framework.

As usual, a big thank you to all those who helped us make this release better by giving us feedback and investigating the bugs they found.
You can check the Kdenlive online manual and forums for documentation and help.

For the Kdenlive team,

Jean-Baptiste Mardelle


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