Docking Panels

A total of 8 different docking panels provide access to many of the editing tools in Kdenlive. They may be docked, tabbed, floated, or hidden in any conceivable configuration.

Project Tree

The Project Tree shows the video clips, images, slideshows, colour clips and title clips that belong to your project.

Effect Stack

Effect Stack shows the different effects applied to a particular clip. In this tab you will be able to define the order in which they are applied and also parameterise them.


Transition allows editing the transitions between two clips on the timeline. Several types are available.

Affine Composite

Affine Composite provides keyframable animated affine transformations with dissolve functionality.


Composite provides dissolve functionality.


Luma provides wipe functionality.


Wipe provides push wipe functionality.

Effect List

Effect List enumerates your available audio, video and custom effects. These can be applied to clips on the timeline.

Custom Effects

Custom effects are described below.

Clip Monitor

Clip monitor is used to preview clips in the project tree and to select a section of a clip to add to the timeline.

Project Monitor

Project monitor displays the final video - what your final edit will look like, including all clips, effects, and transitions on the timeline.

Record Monitor

Capture monitor allows you to directly capture video from a number of sources:


A camcorder connected to your computer Firewire port


a Video4Linux source (as a webcam or tvcard)

Screen Grab

a screen capture (you'll need recordmydesktop utility)

Undo History

Undo History shows your editing history and allows you to undo/redo any editing action.