Slackware packages


The recommended version of Slackware is 13.37
-current support has been dropped
-There are now 64-bit packages as well as 32-bit; choose your preference

Update: New packages available! as per 31-05-2012: Kdenlive 0.9.2 and MLT 0.7.8

Recommended versions:

  • MLT 0.7.8
  • Kdenlive 0.9.2
  • Optionally: frei0r 20120516

To install:

  • download the packages from here:
  • Major changes have been made: all the packages for the patent-free software are provided as well as scripts to build the patented software.
    Everything has been built as shared library, which is notable in the amount of packages to support ffmpeg (which was built statically at first)

    New per May 31st 2012:
    - kdenlive 0.9.2
    - MLT 0.7.8
    - ffmpeg and dependencies updated

    Built for Slackware 13.37, which is the supported platform (although I think it should provide no issues on Slackware 13.1)
    Please leave comments in the forums, so everyone can see the status.