the video monitors doesn't work good + picture .

I've been use kdenlive before a lot of times and i didn't had any problem before !
suddenly one day the monitors doesn't show the clip and show only the desktop ...
I tried to switch to x11 but its only half work !
that picture is have x11 and using on ubuntu 10.04 .
the program doesn't do those problems on xterm mode and Guest mode !

Ty for helping !


I need real the help pleas ...
I want to get back to edit at kdenlive !
Atleast say me how to full reinstall of kdenlive that I will start from zero ...
Thank you for the helpers !

Did you update your system before you saw this problem the first time?
Is Compiz enabled?

Ummm at ubuntu 9.10 I didnt have that problem.
also after I've update to ubuntu 10.04 I didn't had this problem but one day it happend ...
So i try to fix it and I update my kdenlive to the lastest verision ...
And yet not working well ...
Also my compiz is On !

Thank you for responding .
I've tried to set my visual effects to 'none' and switch it to x11 and its work fine !
but when i tried the visual effects on 'normal' its didn't work ... and it isn't comfort to me to use my linux without some effects.
so there is away to fix it without to close all the effects ?
If there isn't so it's ok I can stand it with out effects .
And thank you for helping me !

Unfortunately I have no idea what the exact reason is and how to fix it. Haven't been working on this parts of kdenlive. So I cannot give you a better solution, sorry.

But I've submitted a bug report. See here:


Ok I understand !
Thank you very much Simon !
Now I can back to edit at linux !
And again Thank You !


I have another problem with my project monitor and after I rendered my project with the screen.

I am using Fedora 13, Kdenlive Version, the problem I have appears both under Gnome and KDE when using Kdenlive; I have disabled and enabled Compiz, I have tried to use different video drivers, also I have tried to select a driver myself instead of the 'Automatic' position in the 'Playback' configuration window under 'Configure Kdenlive', all without positive results.

Here is the problem:
I have loaded a bunch of JPEG pictures to make a video slide-show, plus audio, loading of pictures, audio files and saving of the project is no problem.
When I push 'play' in the Project Monitor" the screen of the presentation is not presented correctly (with a diagonal line through the screen and the text is misshaped). When I render the project the screen is wrong in the same way. When I stop play in the Project Monitor the screen turns normal. The Audio is at all times normal.

P.S. I was doing the same project in Avidemux, and there the same error occurred after saving the project into a video format. The error didn't occur when I played the presentation in editing mode in Avidemux.

I have included a screen-shot to make the problem more clear.

Please let me know if you need more information. Thank you for your help!

mvdstelt, do your jpegs have a width that is an odd instead of even number? Your problem is not related to compiz or playback driver/mode. Your problem is a bug in RGB to YCbCr (YUV) conversion. The reason you do not see it when paused is because Kdenlive uses RGB to display still frames; so no conversion takes place.

Hello ddennedy,

Thank you for your prompt reply. The pictures I used were saved slides from Impress of OpenOffice. These pictures had 1058 pixels for the width and 794 pixels for the height (1058x794). I have used Gimp to change the pixels to 1057x793. And it works! The pictures in the video slide-show are shown without any errors both in Project Monitor and after rendering to a movie file. Thanks a lot for your help, I appreciate it a lot!