Wav, aiff etc. just gives noise

Trying to add high quality audio to kdenlive projects but when playing the timeline all I hear is high noise, like extremely disted audio. On export no audio is heard at all.

Tried converting to numerous audio formats and qualities using Audacity, wav, aiff etc. If I convert to a lossy format like mp3, Kdenlive does play audio fine.

Why can't I add high quality audio?


I remember having such issues, too, but I have currently no test material.
Could you please play/test your files with ffplay?

fflpay does play the files alright. Haven't tested with other high res. audio than the few files that are for this project.

Please be more specific about what you want because 16bit 44.1KHz and 48KHz WAV works fine for me. I have an open bug for 24-bit flac, but testing just now with 16-bit shows a problem as well.


I can provide 16/24 bit WAV, 44.1/48/96 kHz, if necessary, for testing issues.

24-bit, 96 KHz WAV works for me. Was just testing on OS X using ffmpeg r25102 and MLT v0.5.10.
I created it by converting the unsupportable FLAC in the bug report with:
ffmpeg -i /Volumes/Extra/Musikdose-24bit.flac -ar 96000 -acodec pcm_s24le /Volumes/Extra/Musikdose-24bit.wav

Does 'melt -query filter' show the 'resample' filter?