Kdenlive 0.6

Any idea when kdenlive 0.6 will be released? I have been waiting for a while for a new version. I have tried kdenlive multiple times, with suse and kubuntu, but it hasn't been exactly usable yet, due to various bugs. Mainly the flicking in the screen with .5? anyone else see that?

(yes, i know it is currently broken.)


Ok - no need to ask anymore

(maybe march!)

Hi, is there anything against it (now it is mid-April) to just release the current development version 0.6 as current public "stable" release?

I know much effort goes into the KDE4 porting, but e.g. Ubuntu already comes with the 0.6 svn version. I read much about things that are unstable in 0.5 and seem to work better in 0.6, why not promote the 0.6 version?

In order to move more users to 0.6 (e.g. Pardus Linux) just releasing 0.6 as it is may be beneficial. These distro's then come with the newest kdenlive version as the distro's themselves come with new versions.

Ubuntu already comes with the 0.6 svn version. (by medman on Sun Apr 20, 2008 8:51 pm)

I just installed Ubuntu 8.04. In Synaptic, the version is 0.5 svn (2007-12-28). But when installed, I saw it was in fact the 0.6 svn version.


Can somebody tell me the actual state of 0.6? I tried to download and compile the svn version but it isn't working properly. So I'm awaiting the 0.6 stable version for pending video projects.


I periodically check the homepage of Kdenlive. Just wanted to say thanks for the news on the homepage, and tell I feel it is the best video editor for Linux. Good work, I am waiting for the new release on KDE4. :)