Problem in registering a tutorial uploaded on

The licensing conditions proposed by, Google or Vimeo seem to me not very fine. I prefer Dailymotion which don't appropriate any right on your production (except creative content subscribers). Thus I uploaded my first tuto (french language) on it and I tried to register it on, but I got this message :
"You have specified an invalid media URL or embed code."
The link to my tuto :
Is any problem with Dailymotion ?
Thanks to tell me what to do.
Gérald Ouvradou

I guess it is not in the list of supported hosting sites for tutorials.
What is wrong with the terms and conditions on, Google or Vimeo?
You worried that they are going to make millions from your kdenlive tutorial? Wow. you have a high opinion of yourself


It was a configuration issue on our server. Dailymotion should work now, please try again and mail me (jb at if you still have problems.