Unable to reply to threads

So for some reason.. starting with my last post, I am unable to reply to any threads.. I just get this:

Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted.

How can I reply to messages now? Posting new threads still seems to work. I suppose I could start a new thread titled "Re: Old Thread" every time I want to reply to something.

I got this the other day when including a URL, in the end, taking the "http://" seemed to allow it through!

Just noticed that.. any urls seems to trigger the spamfilters' wrath. Guess most of my posts I've been trying to had links to mantis bugs etc. or websites explaining how to fix problems that I wanted to post to help answer someones questions.. I gave up on that as it never worked.

Seems I can post when I don't use URLs, although having to fill out a Captcha with each and every post and even for previews is HIGHLY irritating :-(

yeah, people keep asking about that, but nothing has been said. Never come across a forum that had that for registered users, captcha for guests, fair enough!

Just had a look at the related settings and I have no idea why this happening...
Someone with Drupal experience around here and any idea? We use Mollom for spam detection btw.

There is a lot of new spam for commercial ripping / converting software, seems the spam filter is preventing normal users posting useful stuff, but having little affect on the actual spam :( It's acting more like a 'user' filter ;)

Sorry about that.
We'd definitely need someone with Drupal skills.

We have had major spam issues in the past, almost to the point that many - myself included - considered never coming back. I would rather live with the strict controls than all the spam. It does seem almost binary like that. You give an inch, and the spammers will take a mile. This seems to be a cost of web-based collaboration.