Enable to run blender scripts in kdenlive

Hey everyone...... this is my first post in this forum. So before everything have to thanks kdenlive for making awsome editor for linux.

I have made few intro videos and I see openshot makes it easier as they allow blender to generate 3d stuff. Yes we all know they are not really professional.

My suggestion is that making user written scripting/addon enable to generate some effects, titles, particle with using blender core. So users can share their scripts and addons this forum and make it more professional .So kenlive will be alternative for both primier and after effects.

kdenlive developers don't have to code the scripts, let the user community do that. only need scripting or addon interface. For anything I would like to help you guys as I can.

I render the sequences I need in Blender and the edit them in with Kdenlive. I'm not sure scripts are needed.


No no what you have done is manually creating the animation. What I mean is automate that. Just giving user few parameters to easily do it without knowledge of animation. We can call it effects or 3d titles like in openshot.

Ahh. Now I understand what you mean. The Blender side of it should be doable as it has scripting built in. I'm not sure how you handle the Kdenlive part.

Yes it's doable. What we need to do is make changes in kdenlive to accept scripts or extensions. People would love to share their 3d titles or special 3d animations to rest of world. kdenlive web site can manage to host them. I would personally love to involve in such program.

Hi All,

Has this been taking any further as i also would like to see some of the titling effects in kdenlive.

On the other side, maybe it is nevertheless a good idea, to keep video EDITING and video SYNTHESIS as separate applications.

These are two very different tasks, calling for very different tools.

I think it is better to keep the energy of Kdenlive developers focused on making the best video EDITOR.

Once you let in a little synthesis, soon there will be requests for rendering trees and fire breathing dragons....