Suggested Features:

Janrain (Drupal module) and Recaptcha/Egglue Captcha (Drupal module) Integration
On the main page of my site, you can see options to login with:
-Yahoo! Accounts
-Google Accounts
-Twitter Accounts
-Windows Live ID
and LiveJournal.

Egglue is a semantic captcha that is probably harder to bypass than standard captchas.
For example: "Knives can _______ butter."
Solutions: Cut, Spread, Slice...

Forum Improvements

My own website uses the Drupal forum system, and I've customized it with CSS.
I added rounded corners and drop-shadow, and it certainly made an improvement.
I also added the Wysiwyg Drupal module, with the NicEdit content editor. ( )
See: and

Not sure if this is the right place to report broken-links on the website?
I was hoping something easier - just for reporting broken-links. I almost just ignore, then I remember the commitments great folks have contributed to the Open Source.

Here's the broken link:
It was link from:

i) How about a simpler form for such broken-link report?
Only allow http in links to be entered in a textbox.
1 "from textbox" to 1 or more "to textboxes"
ii) Yes, "openID", "google account" might be easy for me to leave such reports too.
iii) Yes, we want to minimise spams. I like the current CAPTCHA for its ease of use. I highly recommend keeping it that easy and simple - ie: if it serving its purpose to expectation that is acceptable. Yes, I walked away from many sites after trying a "death-match" battle that I couldn't win.
iv) The message on the broken link page wasn't much useful, how about a link that could "auto-magically" report that page and the from page back?

Well, got to go figure out how to get Kdenlive installed onto my LinuxMint11 after "upgrading" my FFMPEG to latest GIT repo. Err... suspect I am in for lots of work here ... I mean "broken" dependent packages..???