Kdenlive fundraising campaign

With an ever growing code base Kdenlive has become harder and harder to maintain and to develop further. To drastically improve this situation we worked out a plan to refactor Kdenlive's code at the KDE developer sprint in Randa last summer. However since we are all short of time you haven't seen any of promised work done yet.

But now you have the possibility to help. I will be able to work on Kdenlive full time in May and June. To do so however I need an income. We therefore created a funding campaign on IndieGoGo. While you might not be interested in the code improvements itself sure you are in the resulting benefits: When the code is easy to maintain less bugs occur. Developers have more time to work on new features. It's easier to attract new developers which accelerates progress.

So go ahead and donate to our Kdenlive fundraising campaign

Btw: The next release of Kdenlive will feature automatic audio alignment. This makes working with a separate audio recorder or a multi-cam setup just so much easier!


I've just made a $200 contribution to the campaign. I also tried to spread the word from my blog. Kdenlive deserves it.

We are helping to spread the word over here at www.thepowerbase.com!

We even gave a shout out to Kevin and his whopper of a donation.

Keep up the good work!


What's about using Flattr for Kdenlive? I'm sure there are a lot of people who want to support this project consistently.

This is great news. I'm poor and could only afford to send you 15 bucks, but I hope you hit $8 or $10k by the end. KDEnlive is by far the best video editor we've got on Linux - I just wish the developers on other similar projects would contribute to this rather than start from scratch. Hopefully this refactoring can attract that type of co-operation.

I didn't know! And now it seems the indiegogo.com campaign is closed.

I'd like to still donate, I really love what is happening to kdenlive and I love having finally made my non-Linux machine unnecessary by having video editing on UNIX.

Is there any way to still donate to help with kdenlive development?