Any good equalizer?

I installed swh-plugins ( and cmt (from, which yielded me 1 eq plugin in kdelive, called "multiband EQ".
But I found the volume setting is quite awkward, i need to enter numbers and it's hard to get any result, if i use the mouse, i can hear a result, but than the effect is way too strong.

also there's not a lot of bands in the higher spectrum. only 5kHz, 10kHz, 20kHz

does anyone know a better EQ? maybe one with a graphical interface?

kdenlive can use LADSPA plugins so the more you have installed the more it can offer. If you know of a LADSPA plugin that does the job you need, kdenlive should offer it to you once installed. There are quite a few available via synaptic or your package manager.

You definitely won't find one with a proper interface. All LADSPA effect GUIs are automatically generated from some simple metadata the plugin provides, so they use all the same simple controls.

I would actually avoid multiband graphic eqs. They suck. (And that applies to hardware graphic eqs too.) They are only useful for live audio because you can push or pull a frequency range quickly without a lot of fuss, which is critical for live audio. That, plus they are easy to understand, so you will sometimes see 5-10 band graphic eqs in consumer electronics / software also.

Use a single band parametric eq and/or low pass and high pass filters. Stack multiple instances of them as needed. They give you much more control (variable frequency and Q control) and they cause a lot less phase distortion.

The bands in graphic eqs are further apart the higher the frequencies, because the human perception of the audio spectrum is logarithmic.