user manuals

I have the problem to get information from the user manuels.
When I do downloading a PFD-sheet then I got the message "TCPDF ERROR: Could not include font definitionfile: helvetica."

In kdenlive self the help button gives as answer "could not launch the KDE Help Center" could not find the service khelpcenter".

I am e newbie. Comming from windows environment. Since a couple of years I am using Ubuntu 64bit. The recent version is 11.10.

I ask help to fix the problems.

Hmm. I have the same problems with both the Help>Kdenlive Handbook and the PDF generation from pages like the "Downloading and installing" page .

I am not sure when these two things were last working. I think the best documenation probably comes from - as this is what is linked to on the Support page

There is also which might be somewhat "depricated"