how to stop apt installing ffmpeg ?

I built ffmpeg, melt and kdenlive from source. on wheezy.

now I need to install other ffmpeg-dependent apps like bombono and apt wants to install ffmpeg from packages

how do I work around this? anyone?


For Kdenlive you should use the build script which will leave your installed existing ffmpeg and mlt packages alone and create a contained sandboxed kdenlive folder in your home folder.

Other than that you really never want to remove core repository packages when you build from source because as you found out if you remove one core library everything else will collapse on itself. If you absolutely must build from source then it is best to leave the repository packages in place and build whatever replacements from source to --prefix=/usr so they cleanly overwrite the original repository package files.

Unfortunately libav and ffmpeg are such a forked up mess (pun intended) on Debian right now you really need to be careful and aware if you are using libav from Debian pkg-multimedia or ffmpeg/libav from the 3rd party 'deb-multimedia' repository.

You are MUCH better off to use the kdenlive build script and then simply install bombono and the other ffmpeg dependent apps etc from Debian's repositories IMHO.

hmm thank you that's very helpful info

there's a problem with the build script for me.. I can't get things from git, even with firewall disabled

the error

fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=Connection timed out[1: 2a01:e0d:1:3:58bf:fa76:0:1]: errno=Network is unreachable

I've had this multiple times. Somehow the connection to the videolan git repository is not too stable.
Just try again somewhat later.