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Hello there,

I saw something similar in the forum, but where??? and not followed. So, i try to follow.

What do you think about an import tool to catch the Audacity > Analyze > Beat Finder... (or others),
who "attempts to place labels at beats which are much louder than the surrounding audio".

Labels that can be imported/exported in audacity, the code who do that seems to be here :

near line 1988 /// Import labels, handling files with or without end-times.
void LabelTrack::Import(wxTextFile & in)....

-#- this feature could be usefull for people who work with subtitle files.
and so, could be logical if guides can be imported to export them back.

-#- this can also respond to question like this :
cause guides are sticky, and numerous beat strict file can be created with audacity easily and then used.

-#- following my brainstorm,
in the import guides box, what about color selector, cause of people who want now beat information in green and others guides in other colors....


my best electronics salutations

(and greets to all the kdenlive pushers!)

Sounds like a nice feature!

Also I think it would be a good idea to be able to place repeating guides at a certain BPM, synced with a music track. This would allow us to make music videos (or similar clips) where you could switch to a new picture every beat.

It could work as this: Place a start guide at a beat, select how long (in time, or in number of beats) the guides should span, and then kdenlive code would do the rest to place the guides. What do you think?