copy title clip to modify the text

Hi I am new here. At the time I create my first slideshow.
One question:
How I can copy my first title-clip to modify the text for an other position?



You can make a title, save it, and then use it as a template. If you put the text "%s" in the title template, the %s will be replaced with the text in the title description.

I don't know a way to copy a title and to be able to modify the copy. I have only managed to copy the title in the timeline, but it will be a copy of the same title text.

This also depends on which version of Kdenlive you're using. I'm not sure when this first appeared, but in Kdenlive 0.9.3, in the top left hand corner, to the right of the first icons are two chevrons which when clicked say:- "open document" and "Save as".

Not yet used it, but there will come a time :-)