Downloading new title templates

Does anyone know where I can find new title templates to download? It seems that the same ones have been in the Settings->Download New Title Templates...

This is such a useful idea, and it seesm to have new wipes and rendering templates... just not title templates.

Anyone got any ideas?

I would love to see this full of new templates. Such a cool idea for sharing!


Hmm. Do you know where these templates end up? Because I just installed the two that are available. But when I go Project>Add Template Title - there is nothing new there. So I must be missing somthing.

In the title editor at the bottom: Template (or so.. i'm using with german language, there it's "Vorlage".)

I think too, that some nice templates were fine. :o)

I just restarted KDENlive and checked the 'Test Template' and 'Hello Marco'

How would one go about submitting new title stuff? Honestly, this is the only thing missing with kdenlive (premade title templates) but that could be remedied in 10 seconds!

It would be nice with title sharing. We would need some sort of system though to vote for the best templates. Not right away, but after a while when the number of templates are growing. And maybe the templates names would need to be moderated to be more easy to find. Or we can use tags to tag the titles so they become easier to find (like "wedding", "school", "blue", "purple", "bottom title" and so on. And the tags needs to be translated to all supported languages...

Also it seems like the titles are resolution dependent?

Whatever the case, we just need more Title Templates. I know there are people out there using Kdenlive that would live to share their templates... is there an easy way to do this??

Thanks in advance!

Kdenlive RULES!

"Things" you download, like title templates, end up in /home/username/.kde/share/apps/kdenlive

Note that the .kde folder is a hidden folder. You might need to use Ctrl+h to switch on/off the visibility of the hidden files in your file manager.

Thanks for the advice! I've been looking for the templates for quite a while, too.

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Nice i did not know the ctrl+h ;-)