why does no one reply to my bug report?

Hi, I am becoming so frudtrated -

I have been trying to get help with an issue which is making it imposible for me to use kdenlive, and I am struggeling to get any help at all...

I have asked on the forums and IRC, and made a bug report which took me a long time as I am not very tenchical, but there is still no response to it


please can someone help me, I am really desperate - I have been working in free software for several years now and have never come accross a comunity so rude - all this stuff about "if you don't do this we won't reply" - It's properly not on to speak to people like that, we should all be working together to make vidoediting free, not ignoring the people who struggle the most. I appreciate that people are busy and that this is a small comunity, I am busy too, but I think its vital that free software is functional and its comunities plesant.

Please can someone help me with my bug so I can get back to using free software and helping people who know less than me to lean more


Anna M
Manchester, UK


Hi Anna,

No luck with the build script ?

Sorry I can't be more helpful, I know nothing about Kdenlive's internals.



Hi Anna,

You are certainly going through the wars there. I should think a lot of people are, like me, scratching their heads over this one.

Just looking through your posts quickly, and I couldn't see if you have tried this, but have you thought of Extracting the Audio from a clip in the Project Tree. Then put the .wave file in the audio timeline and see if it plays ok.

Sorry if you have already tried this.

hey, thanks for reply - yeah, i have had a go at this, it didnt seem to make any diffrence :S

sorry to be a head scratch :S

with regards to the build script, I had a look into it, but think its a bit over my head for now :S

Is there any more data that I could get for you?

Can anyone send me a clip which works on theirs to try on mine - perhaps its to do with how I made the clips?



Download a clip from here:- http://bottledvideo.com/ to see if it works.

yeah, those clips all work fine. I have also dug arround to fine various sources of other footage on my machine, stuff renderd on freinds pc's and small clips of my phone that i never opend before - they are all fine.

SO - I feel I am left with 2 possible answers.

1) Kdenlive should not be used with crunchbang, becuase the files renderd from it are dysfunctional. This surpises me as they seemed to render fine (albeit only ever as an mpeg2) however, MLT has compatability issues crunchbang. Crunchbang in otherwsie an amasing os, so its a shame of this is the case.

2) That the files had renderd fine, despite general problems with crunchbang, but had become somehow damaged since. This does seem possible, as I had expirienced inexplicable corruptions with renderd clips becoming unusuable or audio out of sync. I had always thought once a clip was renderd you were prettey safe from theses issues, but perhaps not?

Is it possible for me to establish the cause of this methodologically in any way? - I really would like to prevent more people from expiriencing this in the future. I will post on the chruncbang forum, but at the same time - there is a clear issue here that it would be good to look at and follow up.

I would like to suggest that, as you have compatability testing for cameras, the same could be done for operating stsytems. People like myself, with no money and low spec. pc's, will be turning more and more to light-weight os's as the financial balls-up continues. It would be good to foreworn of problems like this where possible. Also, all the info about versions on difrent distos could be simplified into this same table. I am prepared to help with this project, and try to become more involved in the kdenlive comunity.

> info about versions on difrent distos

Good idea!

glad you think : ) Is this something you would be interested in running with me?

I suppose we would need rights on the site to be able to edit such a page. ;)

Maybe a forum admin could make a section like the one for supported video cams? And people could post their setups/distros and if they work.

sounds good - wiki style/ crowd sourced is always a good way to go : ) Anyone have any comments?