Complete and total n00b!! Need walkthrough.

I've had my computer for about a year and I love it to death, but even though I have openSUSE installed, I have no knowledge of the system itself. I built the computer with the help of a very knowledgeable friend and he kindly introduced me to Linux. Like I said, I love it, but I know nothing about code. I can navigate and use a computer fairly well but I am not learned on anything else.

All that to say, I downloaded Kdenlive for some very simple editing and as I saw in the readme, also downloaded MLT. I have installed a program from these types of zipped packages before but I can't remember how. I follow instructions well but I am not ready to type some command in wrong and ruin my system since I'm a total idiot concerning code. I've been at it for several hours trying to figure it out but after a while it's become apparent that I just don't have the knowledge or vocabulary for these types of instructions (for example, I'm pretty certain but not 100% that I'm posting in the right forum).

Sorry to bother you all, but I just need a simple breakdown of which files I need to run and in what order and all that jazz.


You should try and instal Kdnelive via openSUSE package manager. Google tells me this is YaST. Check this

However, tells me that openSUSE uses RPM based packages.

And tells me "RPM packages are not yet maintained in official branch, so you must go through unofficial RPM Fusion repository. Follow the site recommendations to make them available and end with yum install kdenlive"

I don't know if kdenlive is included in OpenSUSE's package manager? If it is, it should be quite simple to add it. But since kdenlive uses other programs (like melt, vlc and so on) it sometimes doesn't work.

I'd recommend to build kdenlive from source via the build script. Or if you don't want to build from source, use a Debian based Linux dist. I'd recommend latest Kubuntu 64-bits. Neither of those choices are very good in your case since you already have an Linux installation and since you doesn't want to compile sources (I assume?), but it's what I'd recommend.

Or, maybe someone at the forum uses OpenSUSE and can help you "the GUI way"? ;)

If you are a complete noob, you will not be happy with compiling stuff yourself. And if you never have set up a computer on your own, you will not be happy with moving to another linux distribution.

As ttguy wrote, you might want to get familiar with yast on openSuse - what is it, how to install and remove software, how to add repositories, what is a repository.

Done that, take a look at the pacman site ( Search kdenlive and install the programm and all its dependencies via either the one click install or by adding the pacman repository to yast. The version provided by pacman (which is suggested to be added in some openSuse wiki) is more up to date than the one from the opensuse repository and updated regularly.