Problem with Volume keyframe.. HELP

Hello All,

I'm new in the forum so if I made any mistake let me know.

I'm using Kdenlive often, but I have a problem with volume keyframe functionality. I add it to video and line is not display I cannot change as I would like the audio of video...

kdenlive ver 0.9.2 MLT 0.7.8, working on Kubuntu.

Anyone could help me to fix the problem ?

thnak you in advance

When I add Volume (keyframable) to a clip, the line is not visible until I adjust the "Gain" slider in the Effect Stack. Then it appears.

Hope that is what you meant.


now I can see the line !


I have another problem but not like that. Actually when I want to increase volume in a 3gp format but its not working correctly or perfectly. I am also a new user in this forum actually I joined here only for the solution of my problem. I hope I will get a proper solution.




I think you will have to explain "not working correctly or perfectly" in a little more detail. Thanks.

The sound is not ringing properly. Its like noise. That means the original sound is not ringing. I think you got the point.