Trip to Cuba

Hi there,

I started using Kdenlive 2 years ago and I'm using it from time to time. I can see progress in stability - only one crash during work on this clip :) I had to use ffmpeg to create small version of MTS files, work with small video files and then replace them with originals in text editor (for some reason proxy clips don't work on my laptop).

I like it, the colors and light are great!
And the music of course, even "El Manicero" on two horns rocks :-)

ufff, it's four (or even five?) years since I've been there the last time... Before I went twice a year, when the flights were cheap.

Good. Nice holiday with loads of shots. I obviously liked it, because that's the first 11 minute video that I have watched all the way through in a long time :-)

Definitely flights are to expensive :( But... I'm going to go there again :)

Very nice. Simple but very effective montage. As such I don't like this kind of music, but added to this video it gives an excellent atmosphere to it which made that I really enjoyed watching it for the entire length.

Awesome, loved the old american cars

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