Make first post of a user go into a moderation queue to prevent spam

As also mentioned in post 15 of this thread (

(and sorry for cross posting which is of course also a form of spam :) )

I have also reported many spammers over the past months.
Most forum software packages have an option that the first post from a new user goes into a moderation queue. Once it is approved, that user then has normal posting rights.
Of course this makes it less user friendly for first time users as it will take (a little) longer before their first post shows up in the forum but it keeps spam almost 100% under control.

I know it from many forums I attend and have attended and it works fine.

Excellent idea, you spammer, you :-)

It does put some pressure on the guys' controlling this site, as we've all got jobs, I suppose. Still a good idea. I've seen some sites with "no links until you have made, say, ten posts.