Please remove SPAMmer kelisi007 and other SPAM

Unfortunately, spam has increased again in the past weeks, with one notorious spammer being kelisi007. Please remove this account and all the spam images and text she/he pestered this website with. I even offer to do such cleanup from time to time, if the existing team is short on cleaning time.

Otherwise, thank you very much for kdenlive; I already did more than a dozen small projects and more and more people are beginning to ask what tool I'm using for editing and processing: kdenlive!

Second that!!!

Sometimes I have a quick peek in the morning, take one look at the Forum List, swear to myself and just go away. Dump them! please.

Thank you. If you need a helping cleaning hand, please count on me.

Total agreement with Dive0, thanks.

bumping up this topic ... nope, that spam idiot isn't gone. Maybe the membership process should be reconsidered?

Removed kyo just now. Are you saying kelisi007 is back? I definitely deleted them on the day I posted about it. SO this is pretty sad. Do they have a capcha reading bot?

edit: yes kelisi007 was back. But they are now deleted again.

I wonder if IP blocking is available on this sort of site.

So j-b-m kindly granted me spam deletion privliges. And I have been making use of them.

But just now I saw a new option at the bottom of posts - "Report to Mollom". I googled this and found from which I learn that the Mollom service is an anti-spam service. I also learn't from this site that "Organized Crime are using people, mostly children at about $1 per day, to cruise for websites to attack. and create new accounts so they can load the forums" - thus beating CAPCHA verification.

"Every piece of content that is created is checked against the world-wide Mollom database. If it matches something that has been reported from another site, or from a known spam account, it is denied."

So I will be using this in future.

Do only members with spam deltion privliges see this link I wonder? Obviously you don't want people flaging non-spam as spam so it might be good to keep this out of general usage.

ttguy: yes, normal forum visitors (as I'm one of) won't see the link.

Just noticed that the spammers now pop up under another account trying to sell rubbish.

I would like to suggest a different scheme: put each new member under moderation for its first five or ten posts, that should normally suffice.

"put each new member under moderation for its first five or ten posts"
I dunno if Drupal has this facility. But you are right. That might help.

Who is the new spammer

Yesterday afternoon it was a kelly345, I think. Sounds a lot like kelisi007

EDIT: Looks like you can add billjhonson to your list.

There is also spam in blog entries, just look at the recent posts list and you will find Cyrillic spam in two blog entries.

*bump* back again ...

I have also reported many spammers over the past months.
Most forum software package have an option that the first post from a new user goes into a moderation queue. Once it is approved, that user then has normal posting rights.
Of course this makes it less user friendly for first time users as it will take (a little) longer before their first post shows up in the forum but it keeps spam almost 100% under control.

I know it from many forums I attend and have attended and it works fine.

The spam pressure has really increased horribly in recent times.
I take a peek at this forum several times daily, and almost always there is some new spam.

But now I found that under "View abuse history" there is a "Ban" option, and it seems to help better than just deleting replies and flagging the new topics which have no "delete" button.

Should messages like


be treated as spam and deleted?
I'm not sure because the links coud be interpreted (by a very permissive person!) as "self introduction", but I smell a rat anyway!


OK, I have deleted these two.

Well those type of links are the ones I report here on kdenlive forums on a near daily basis, they cleverly take a plausible quote from somewhere else on the forum and add their link, but simple hovering over the link establishes the real url, I'd suggest that surely even basic forum protection should be able to check the first section if a href mark up with the displayed text and if not the same then stands good chance its spam. Thats what a human visual check does eithet hovering on the link or view html source. Could at least flag it as so and put it in a spam folder for checking first.

Is this avaiable in the forum software I wonder?

That's first thing I always check, if the links don't match or look suspicious I leave it well alone.

On a happier note, I see kelisi700 was on here this morning but quietly left without posting.

Ha, possibly due to his name being "up there in lights".

vivian58's another regular. That account needs closing.

au contraire, kelisi spams as usual. seems that the forum admins dont give a dime on the public appearance of the kdenlive project.

I log on here and clean stuff about twice a day - however, spammers are active 24h/day...

I've banned vivian and kelisi (someone with a similar nick twice already) but they keep coming back.

I do what I can, and I think the others do the same, but unless you can hire someone to be on the watch 24/7, it will be impossible to prevent spam 100%

You cleared them out this morning, thanks, but now the whole list is full of them.
What a battle, eh?

Deleted 7 messages yesterday evening, banned 3 users this morning...

Maybe an efficient solution would be to block every new user automatically if his first post contains a link, hide the post and then put the user on a moderation queue for review. This should affect most spammers but will hold the misalerts down.

Or turn the verification into some questions that can only be googled using phrases that are banned from google in China? ^-^ (Joking)

From my recent experince in removing spam from this site I would concur that most of teh spam fit the criteria listed in his post. But we need to have the forum coded up to implement this algorithm. I dunno if such a config is possible with the current code of the forum.

Are we still getting a high volume of spam? I delete about 1 spam post every 2 or 3 days on average. I am thinking this is not that much.

You're right ttguy, It has been a hell of a lot better. Many thanks to all the "Sweepers"

PS Only two Spams on here at the moment.

katherine1203 was on for 23 mins and made 4 spam posts before I disabled its account. I think we are probably winning the spam war with having an army of admins with banning powers.

New record - weiwei12 member for 16 mins - 11 spam posts. Gone

New record - member deleted for spam after existing for 4 mins and 1 second. Bazinga

for you hehe, so you actually wait for them to spam before taking them down? jk

I'm having a go for a few months now 3 or 4 each and every morning actually on when I log in. :-) Some are so blatently named I delete their account before they post.

Rather than disable I delete account and any / all posts. :-)

Like getting up early on holiday to take in the streets empty of holiday makers and seeing the street cleaners clearing the garbage and dog s**t off the streets preparing for a new day.

I disable the account and delete all posts. I keep the account so that they get the account blocked message if they ever try and log in again. I guess this eats user names though.

"Like getting up early on holiday to take in the streets empty of holiday makers and seeing the street cleaners clearing the garbage and dog s**t off the streets preparing for a new day."

What a piece of cristmass-ive-consummation poetry ;-)

If one day you are in a lack of some ,
you can travel to

Happy New y**r dear spambusters!

Beat my old record by one second !!!

Recently, we've been flooded by "kitchen" spam, every morning I ban about 5 to 10 users...

I've noticed a change in the behavior of the forum engine. In the past the offending posts disappeared immediately after banning the user, now they seem to linger for some time. Is that intentional?

Also, since the "kitchen" spammers mention cities in the UK, and the links are also in the UK domain, maybe there is an authority in the UK where this could be reported?

Yeah. Yellow and I delete a bucket load of kitchen spam every day too.

I find their posts disappear straight away - choose the "Delete the account and all content." option when I delete the account.

I have been in contact with the hosting service of some of the kitchen sites and they are trying to work with the owner of the sites to make this stop. But to no avail so far by the looks.

Yellow and I have been reporting the content to Molum for a week or so now. So it appears that the molum automatic moderation is not working.

Yellow and I would like JBM to investigate if it would be possible to stop very new users posting URLs. Like what the JREF forum does. But we have not heard from him on that.

You could report sites to the web of trust. I have reported a few of the kitchen sites to that. But there are so many.

I am going to retire from spam cleanup for a while so that other users can see how bad it really is - might motivate JBM to look in to other measures.

Post removed... Same here as ttguy.

I am working on a Greasemonkey user script that adds a "Ban User" button underneath users with only 1 post to their name. This button will take you straight to the delete user page ready for you to delete them.
Prototype version is working. Just a few things to sort out.

Only real solution will be updating/switching the forum software (somewhere in the distant future). A good measure would be to have the posts of first time users be manually allowed by moderators, saw this on another spam-free forum. This is however, very annoying for the new good user.

Exactly what I asked j-b-m earlier this week(but no reply so far), like ttguy I've been clearing this s**t kitchen spam for freaking months everyday 30 or so at a time, I only stopped early this week so that's why its been seen now, sometthing needs to be done about it.

>>This is however, very annoying for the new good user.

Not really, I am on several forums where my first posts needed to be OK'd by the moderator(s), and had no problems with that.

If several people have "approve" privileges, it goes quite fast, too.


wanna buy a kitchen? ;-)

Honestly: All spam entries have the same telephone number: 01616-694785 Is it possible to use it to ban all the spam?

All the best

Well my greasemonkey script is working for any spam buster users with spam deleting privs.

With it you can delete a days worth of spam (15 posts by the looks is the usual amount) in about 2 mins. It automates the process by cutting out several steps that are normally required to do the job. It now also logs the spammers IP address to I am hoping to use this IP address info to maybe convince JBM to block certain IP address ranges. The main offenders are from an ISP called PT Telkom Indonesia so blocking this would solve a lot of the problem. And hey if you are a legitimate user from PT Telkom Indonesia then complain to your ISP that they should shut down spammers or move ISPs !!!

I found a greasemonkey script that can spam the spammers back.
I just sent them about 10,000 spams.

ttguy, better don't spam them, it probably does not have any effect, and you yourself could maybe get in trouble for spamming?

"you yourself could maybe get in trouble for spamming?"
I would love it if my spamming had enough of an effect that made them try and take action against me. That would be the ideal outcome actually.

You should also note that greasemonkey can be installed in the Tor browser. So you can spam them anonymously.
Of course I am not being to anonymous right now. But you can do it.

They can always see your IP in the email header, so it is actually impossible to send an email anonymously, even if you send your email using telnet.
Anyway, what I was thinking of is that maybe your ISP thinks you are a spammer and cuts your connection or so, that would be a shame.

I am fairly sure that by using tor browser and the tor network you can be anonymous. See Yes I have an IP address when I use Tor but it is not the IP address of my ISP. It is the IP address of the tor exit node. And it is my tor browser that is sending stuff to the kitchen spammers not my email client.
On the other hand I am a newbie at this so I could be wrong. Dode - do know much about tor?

First of all, I want to make sure that you know that of course, like I'm sure everyone else here, I appreciate your effort against spam in this forum. And I don't want you to get into trouble :-)

I don't know Tor at all, but if I understand it correctly, it is some distributed service consisting of volunteers who basically anonymize the requests made by users of this system. So for me this means that if you use Tor to send spam, you abuse the service to do something bad.

And anyway, it does not even seem to be possible to do that if you read their Abuse FAQ: