where did effects go ??

So yesterday I installed ubuntu 12.10 and installed kdenlive with this command

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kdenlive

it installed version 0.9.2

So today i wanted to edit video just a bit, I wanted to make it sharper but i could not find this plugin any where, what i want to know did i do something wrong or this plugins are removed from kdenlive for now at least

thank you in advanced

"where did effects go ??". What all of them?

If so, Menu > View and make sure that "Effect List" AND "Effect Stack" are BOTH ticked, first.

Just sharpen?

Well, mine is in Effect List > Enhancement > Sharpen. Cheers.

Thank you for the reply


as you can see a do not have that option nor I can find it in effects search

This is difficult to diagnose, and in particular this could be a packaging problem upstream...

Was this a fresh 12.10 install or an upgrade? Had you installed kdenlive before? If so, did you try to move your .kdenliverc out of the way, such as by renaming, and let kdenlive rescan your configuration? Did you see the effects before and they got lost sometime later or were they missing from the beginning?

Can you try installing kdenlive from the kdenlive ppa repository instead of installing them from the 12.10 repository? Can you give the kdenlive release repo a try please?

I'm on the svn repository for quite some time now and as this is bleeding edge, things are sometimes horribly broken ... but often also fixed and in general I also had good experience with this bleeding edge repository; but your mileage may vary ;)

This is a fresh install of ubuntu 12.10, Yes I install kdenlive more the once i think from ubuntu 9.10 I have been using kdenlive, And i must say on ubuntu 10.10 i had the same problem, no i have not touched any thing in home folder, no i have not seen this effects from the start, I always install kdenlive with this command sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kdenlive,

Check which version of Frei0r plugins you have.

I am sorry but where can i find this Frei0r plugins version ??

I'm not familiar with Ubuntu, but I guess, if you installed stuff via ubuntu's official installer / software manager, it should be able to tell you. Run it and search for "frei0r"?

synaptics tells me that i have 1.1.22git20091109-1.2 installed :)


That's pretty old, probably from before the sharpness plugin was added. Try to get frei0r version 1.3!

Thank you I will try

I have the same problem! I switched from Ubuntu 10.04 to Ubuntu 12.10.
Previously I had more effects to add to my clip, but now there are no more. I also believe that the solution is in Frei0r (although I think in Ubuntu 10.04 is even older), but I do not know how to install the latest version.
Can anyone explain simply how to install the latest relase of Frei0r?
Thank you!


ps: sorry for the english ... I write with the help of google translate :-)