zooming a png

Hi, I'm Silvia, and I'm pretty new to video editing, and to Kdenlive, so maybe my question is a it silly...
he background
I have a png image, a logo, let's say, and I want it in the center of the screen, increasing its size, and decreasing it after, like it was coming from and then going back to it. I tried to make several pngs and a stop motion, but the shortest frame time on kdenlive is too long for a smooth animation. I would like to know if there is any effect that can achieve this. Can a single png be zoomed?

Thanks in advance!


There is a Pan & Zoom effect that you can add to your clip and then keyframe tge various pan zoom changes over the clip length.

When I first started someone told me to use keyframes, I thought, errr what's a keyframe and the Pan & Zoom effect seemed a nightmare to use, but it is quite easy once you understand it a bit.

So, a simple pan and zoom of your png.

1. Place your clip in the timeline and move the timeline cursor to roughly the centre. Moving the cursor isn't really necessary but it helps me explain here.

2. From the effects list > Crop and transform, drag Pan and zoom over to your clip. Near the top you will see a horizontal line running full width. This represents your clip. Just underneath this line, roughly near the middle, is a little pointer and this shows you the position of your timeline cursor at this time. Grab either one and move it and they will both move.

3. Far left, on top of the line, is a small triangle and this is your first keyframe. Directly underneath that is a small round icon with a line and pointing to the left (move back one keyframe). Click on that and both pointers move to the beginning of the clip and all controls become active.

4. You can actually change the size of your clip by dragging the yellow box around it but for now, just do this. In the box marked Size, delete the 100% and type in, say, 50. Click outside of the box. Now centre your smaller clip by using the horizontal and vertical centre icons just above the Size box.

5. Now we need to add another keyframe. Click the little round icon above, this time the one pointing to the right. Your cursors have moved to the end of the clip. Click on the small white icon with the tiny green + on it. Another keyframe is added with the same settings as the first (which is what you want)

6. Drag either pointer to the middle of the clip (not the keyframe). Now add another keyframe (as above) change it's size back to 100% and centralize it.

7. Play it :-)

Sorry, a bit long winded, but once you get the idea it all only takes a few seconds.