48hr film entry edited, mixed, colour corrected and composited on Kdenlive 9.2

Hi All, though you might be interested in a film we made for the DVMission 48 hour film competition in Portsmouth UK this year.

The rules are 2 minutes maximum, no copyright violations, and the inclusion of 3 obstructions announced at the start of 48 hours which were:

Title: The Pepperdine Method
Genre: Creature Feature
Line of Dialogue: "I've got 99 problems!"

I'm working on a non 48 hours "director's cut" with HD quality, slightly better sound mix and colour correction, better compositing and getting rid of the string in the final scene. If so I'll post that here too.

Update: Here's the "Director's" cut. http://vimeo.com/52006764.

Hey, that was great! nicely made and had me laughing. Funny thing though, I kind of liked the string for that last bit humour going on behind the guy. Saying that, you're most probably right.

Thanks -- my thinking was that the tail, the claw and the mad scientist laugh were cheesy/B-Movie enough, that the string would be over-kill. We always meant to remove it but I couldn't (and still can't) get rotoscoping and composite transition to play nice together.

Here's the final HD version, now string free! Finally got Rotoscoping to work. It's not perfect you can clearly see the difference between the two layers but I think I'm done with this film now.

The Pepperdine Method HD - Director's Cut on Vimeo.

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