Solemn Lullaby - music video (+linux sampler)


I composed "Solemn Lullaby" with Linux (linuxsampler, ardour + analog mixing and arecord :D )
And I have created the video with kdenlive :)

It's here :

Please let me know what you think!
Any editing adjustment to propose?


Congratulations, Florian, that's first-class work. Excellent music and video, really superb. I'm going to notify the Linux Audio lists about this one.

Beautiful work.



Thanks guys :)

The proof you don't have to buy an apple to make art... :-p

Brilliant work! Oh and that music, so good. I'm always on the lookout for scores like that for my videos.

Once again, bravo, and thanks for sharing.

You're welcome :)
Feel free to help yourself if you credit me, You can download the mp3 in the page.

Nicely done ! ....

is it possible to screen it in public (regard to rights restrictions) ?
for this "event" :
Vendredi 02 Novembre - 26 Rue Préfecture , Vieux-Nice, Nice.
Sélection de vidéos à partir de 19h.


meaculpa / i often use some pomme's usb keyboards with my nux-computers

Hi djay,

Yes it's ok for me, as long as :
- it is not for commercial use
- you keep all the credits including myself.


You say "it is not for commercial use"
--- IT is for "commercial use" / the entrance of the showing is not free of charge : 4€
Yau say also : "you keep all the credits including myself."
--- 4 chur!

2 Rien : mon plaisir!

Hi florian love your video...the best that give big impact is the background just suite to the story you want to express..good job

Thanks Jamiereese :)

Djay : go ahead for a festival, as long as you don't use my work to sell something without my permission.
and thanks :)

Thanks for the permission / i will send you a champagne coupe --- if somes left.


Hi Florian (MisterBark),

I actually didn't intend putting this short hand held video on Vimeo but I just thought I'd show you how a section of your brilliant music can make even a crap video seem that much better. For that excellent build up in the music, at the end, I used some shots of the Remagen Bridge towers which are now a Monument and Museum of Peace.
Hey, I really hate it when those UFOs fly across your shot :-) especially when you need to use it.

Really nice UFO at 1:12 :-)
I guess you were shooting from inside through a window, and that is a classic lightbulb?

Anyway, a riverboat seems to be a very nice and smooth camera dolly!


You're dead right there, I never noticed it at the time of filming. It's quite a long clip though, (about 25 seconds) and I just noticed that the tail end is bulb free. Now I've just got to find another 7 sec. clip to get rid of it completely. Might have to cheat and use an outward journey clip and reverse it.

The riverboat?, could not have asked for a better dolly!!

Normcross! That's cool! :)
yes it works lol

Too bad that this stupid UFO was passing in the middle of your shot, they're always here to make us do all the work again!
I think they just wanted some perfume from Cologne.
Thanks again for this little tribute :)

PS: oh, is it possible that you remove the "/Florian" after .com in the description link because there is no such page on my website.
Danke Schoen :D

The link has been altered. Thanks for that.

I'm just in the process of removing that little unwanted visitor with two other clips. One is about 3 seconds short of fitting the music properly, so I am making it longer.

I am very glad that you liked it.

Projection : JobDone

(edit-url) Here you can found some Lullaby photos (and more) :

@MisterBark : your video has touch the spectators, maybe you will receive musical contact, and if you want hdef photos send me a message


Wow! The music is amazing! Did you do the cinematography yourself? Every cut had a beautiful soft feel. It reminded me of classic Hollywood black and white movies... but obviously yours was in color. Would it be OK if we post a link to your site at http://www.connectingmactotv ? We're compiling a list of cool shorts.


I'm sorry AmyTan for the delay.
Thank you very much for the compliment :)

I used many videos from vimeo, which took me forever to find according to the feel I wanted. And I've shooted a very few ones myself.
Then I did the editing and adjusted all the colors so it doesn't look too much like videos put together without any link.
Everything is credited precisely at the end.

No problem for your website, thanks a lot! :)