ParKouR Crew - Young Guys training

Thanks to all the guys for this action video!!
Just another new video made with Kdenlive

ps: I used slowmoVideo for some part.

I enjoyed that! Two cameras certainly makes a difference. Slowmo does give a lot of artefacts slowing down real fast motion, but it made some nice effects in this case. Unless you added something extra?

Certainly tired me out watching those guys, might have to go and have a lay down now :-))


For the slomotion part, I used SlomoVideo program, it's the first time i used this prog!

And i realised the slowmo effect is full of artefacts, if the subjet moving too fast!
For the first one slowmo I shoot at 1080p30, for the other slowmo i use the panasonic 1080p50, at this speed the results is really better, the artefact's smaller than before...