The project needs to look for a better name

Dear developers and users,

I think Kdenlive needs to pickup a name that regular users can make sense of. A good name is one that is easy to remember and easy to pronounce, so it can spread easily.

I opened a bug report with some suggestions so that this request doesn't get lost:

In my opinion this project has reached a level of maturity that turns its name into something very relevant.

yes it does.

it's very strange, and if it's meant to be affiliated with KDE, why would it be pronounced kay-den-live? no one would assume that pronunciation from the text.

also if you tell someone about "kay-den-live", they may go to to see more... but it's PORN, which is bad.

i think having a video editing related name is important.... now i don't think it has to be trendy sounding or minimalist, but something with a phonetical spelling and hopefully familiar terms.

i mean no disrespect as this is my favorite editor and i respect the devs so much, but i have to say i agree full heartedly.


I wasn't aware the pronunciation was "kay-den-live".

This is no disrespect, it is a compliment. The name was irrelevant when the software was irrelevant. Now the project is in *great* shape and has outdone its name. That's why it needs a better one.

that name is too complicated.. Kde nlive.. what does nlive mean?

what about Krender??

Krender sounds like a 3D render engine for 3D modelling software like Blender or something, like Kerkythea. :-)

What's in a name anyway, any one stubbling on that first step to adopting a piece of software deserves to miss out. :-)

Generally in the Linux community I think there are a few things against kdenlive and if there is some sort of concern over adoption then I think it's these:

1. The name 'kdenlive', it's the typical 'k' in everything c--p that kind of affiliates it to the KDE Desktop only, yes it uses that code base and yes it's trying to get closer ties and I think that is not going to help the situation. I've used it right from the first steps when Jason was the creator and sole coder before it could even cut and trim. :-) and I thought then that the name could have been better chosen, but it's the software that matters. :-) I remember an old marketing director of a world wide manufacturing and distribution company of household batteries discussing business and product names saying if you want a name to cheapen your product substitute the C in a word for a 'K', like Kid's Klub, 'Kustom Kars' etc. :-)

2. Confusion with the community that because it has a 'k' in the name it's for the KDE Desktop only, many dislike or down right hate the KDE experience, me included, think it's bloated and inefficient, rightly or wrongly and really don't want to have to install masses of libraries for one or two KDE apps. I'm running it on Ubuntu with XFCE neither Gnome or KDE Desktops, just the necessary libraries. Even installing a base Gnome Desktop adds loads of apps I basically don't need, so this is not a dig at KDE solely :-)

3. Closer affiliation and dependency on KDE for the full functional operation of the application will not improve take up. It's not the name on it's own, but the marketing of the application, educating potential users, starting with listing just what the KDE specific dependencies amount to in terms of libraries and file size.

4. The long standing instability of kdenlive has caused avoidance in the community. Since 0.8.xx kdenlive has vastly improved and is now a real joy to use. Dev support and bug fixing are superb.

5. The preference to Openshot over kdenlive for all the reasons above even though it is quite simply not as advanced as kdenlive, it doesn't have proxies either. :-) But it does have a non KDE dependence.

Changing the name is not enough, another 'k' based name I think is futile. :-)

I'll say that was a bad suggestion. It has to be something that identifies the program for what it can do and is doing for many users -powerful video editing with very nice results. but if it is tied to kde then maybe they don't want to brand it outside the barn.

a name needs to pop up from somewhere that fits..

"that name is too complicated.. Kde nlive.. what does nlive mean?"

Hmm.. you realy don't know?
Non LInear Video Editor

The first part of the name starts with KDE- which made me think it was only for KDE environment so I intalled other software first and ignored Kdenlive for a while - glad I found out otherwise- I was(still am) a newb to Linux.
i think the current name is a bit misleading.
Just call it KAVE = kick ass video editor
maybe there should be suggestions taken then after a week a poll taken and ran for a month and the winner chosen?

EVER= evolving video editor release
Fever=Fantastic Evolving Video editor Release

Remember to check so the .com domain name is available before suggesting a name ;)

What do you say about:


Quite short, easy to remember and the name connects to both Linux and video editing. And the .com domain is available.


jbm is nearly the only developper and i think it work a lot ....

if you have time to lost, you can work on the code or on the documentation ...


The name does suck a bit.
TuxVideo - built on kdenlive technology

@Marhen - Ulead (or whoever owns them now) might have something to say about using VideoStudio, and there's already another FOSS app called Videocut - it's not a particularly inspiring name either, like calling a word processor "Word-Type"

I have to say CineLive sounds a lot like Cinelerra, and in the 21 Century does "Cine" really have any relevance?

I think it's a mistake to use a SomethingMovie or VideoWhatsit, etc. as it'll sound to generic and similar to other things.

I think Kdenlive is OK, it has a certain rhythm and is unlike any other similar app. Good for SEO.

On the other hand you could go really odd, if you're even slightly wedded to the K thing you cold go with "Kuleshov" :-) ( is gone but .org still seems available.) though it might get even more puzzled looks that Kdenlive.

But please not replacing "C" with a "K" - to native English users it just looks awful, and like something out of the worst of the 1980s, like spelling "Night" or "Light" as "Nite" or "Lite". (*Shudder!*)

@TTguyl wouldn't Tuxvideo imply that Kdenlive was THE video editor for Linux, as opposed to one of a number (albeit currently the most advanced)?

"wouldn't Tuxvideo imply that Kdenlive was THE video editor for Linux, as opposed to one of a number (albeit currently the most advanced)"

I actually just stole Tuxvideo from the post ahead of me.

But so what if it does imply that it is THE editor? Nothing wrong with being bold with the name. If no-one owns it. I reckon it is THE editor.

"DERNIERE", the last word in video editing!

Just kidding...

I think in all these years we got used and learned to love "kdenlive". A change of name would just cause a lot of confusion.
And there is really no need for a snappy name, this is NOT a commercial project, so marketing is not an issue!

Marko is right . It does not NEED a better name. But would better "marketing" bring more developers? I guess maybe not. People with the tEch skills and generosity to dOnate time prob don't care what is in a name. When I was a nube at this I did not care about the kde bit of the name. Even though I run a gnome desktop.
To really make the project fly high it needs a pathway to a windows port.

However, I am pretty sure this will not happen. Dan dendy says he has given up on ever making kdenlive run on windows because of all the kde dependencies. Hence dan's new project (the name of which I forget).

I guess it would all come down to would jbm want to bother changing the name. If it was me I would be thinking there was no compelling reason tO go to all the trouble. Web site changes. Code changes etc. Why bother?

yes this project need more resource (dev, doc, test, spread ...) not to waste time to change name ...

in the last i think that just jbm and other people involved could decide ...

It is better if someone can update news in KDENLIVE twitter handle too!