HDV NTSC 1080 30p isn't rendering entire Zone nor Project?

Hey everyone, I have been working video editing lately using Kdenlive v4.8.5 running on Lubuntu v12.04 64bit.
The final rendering looks beautiful, though only about 95% of the entire video that I want rendered is actually encoded.
I tried to render the video by choosing "Entire Project" and "Zone Selection".
I made sure that the "Zone Start" and "Zone Stop" handles were placed in the correct positions on the timeline.
Yet only about 95% of the project has been rendered... and it's consistent, even when choosing a different "Render Profile/Codec".

I had never had this issue before, what can it be that's cutting the end of my video off from being encoded?


Have you identified at what point on the timeline the render fails to see if something is stopping it, also you could try rendering just the 5% missed and see if it renders at all.

What version of kdenlive, v4.8.5 is your KDE version rather than kdenlive?