Interlacing when exporting to VOB (DVD)

I have been searching for a good tool for open source video editing and found Kdenlive. I have tested Kdenlive 0.5 on PCLinuxOS from loaded from the default repository. It runs well, and stable. It is not perfect but I think can be enough for simple dvd creation from mini DV footage. The problem I have is interlacing. The picture are terribly interlaced. I have tested with a new profile in DV Pal Widescreen and exporting the timeline to DVD.

Am I missing anything?
Is it a bug already fixed in version 0.7?

PS. Thanks to the developers


Kdenlive 0.5 and 0.6 are deprecated and we do not support them. Please upgrade to Kdenlive 0.7.
If your distribution does not offer Kdenlive 0.7, contact system maintainers to offer Kdenlive 0.7 packages.

Ok, I have already suggested it:

I don't know if KDE 4 is a prerequisite to install Kdenlive 0.7. As far as I know PCLinuxOS is still on KDE 3.5.9.

I am really sorry, but KDE4 is needed.

You need to have the kde4 development libs on your system to compile and run Kdenlive 0.7. You do not actually have to *run* kde4. It also works for kde3, gnome, xfce, etc.



Ok, thanks for your answers. I think for the moment I'll try it on Mandriva 2009.0 Kde.

Hi, all:
I have tested Kdenlive 0.7 on Mandriva 2009 and think the new interface is cool, but interlacing keeps being a problem for DVD creation. I see interlacing is fixed when exporting to xvid or mpeg4. Is there any solution yet?

I guess I have solved this problem. I have just created a new "custom" rendering profile on the basis of existant "DVD widescreen pal" and adding "progressive=1" parameter at the end of the parameter field. Thats it. Simple as it seems. Now the rendering VOB file appears deinterlaced and clear when played on "kmplayer". I still have to test it on a DVD on a standalone DVD player.
Now I have to ask some other questions:

  1. Why isn´t there  a default profile including this parameter?
  2. I´d like to suggest It would be useful to have a double entry table including all parameters available (i guess all parameters are not compatible in every type of export file).

I have to say it again: Thanks to the developers.
The future of Kdenlive looks promising.

Newest render dialog should have a tri state progressive option?

Also, please see this discussion:

While I know you fixed your problem, you should know that it is better to output an interlaced DVD than progressive. That makes it more flexible. Interlace looks better on an analog TV. When viewing through a progressive scan DVD player or a computer player, the player should deinterlace and give a better output than kdenlive's deinterlace is capable of.


The problem is I have a visible interlaced DVD. The dvd player looks unable to reduce interlaced output.

What do you suggest to avoid heavily interlaced ouput?

I have just tried Kdenlive 0.7.1 on Kubuntu 8.10 amd64 kernel (installed from the provided badum repository and I have seen an important improvement in interlaced DVD rendering. In fact now, as you say, the interlaced output looks better than non interlaced one on a standalone DVD player. Other improvements are visible and I think developers are in the right way.

I still can see some blocking in high contrast areas compared to other privative software and I would like to see some options to chose the bitrate in the DVD menu. (I actually do not know what bitrate I am rendering when I chose DVD).

Keep following the right way!