Audio Sync / Quality Problem on render with last two PPA Devel version on Ubuntu 12.04

Howdy all,
I seem to have developed a problem with rendered audio sync / quality.
It developed after I installed the 11_16 PPA Sunab Devel versrion.
Everything audio was working fine before. The problem still seems to exist with the current
11-22 Sunab PPA. Here are links to a couple of short files that show the problem.

I tested the players with other previously rendered files they play fine.
The video seems to render fine on any version previoius to the 11_16 release.
I tried it with a variety of materials and sources. The one above was originally from NTSC DV.
I wonder if this has something to do with Ubuntu switching to avconf and the difference in settings per

I have not tried fooling around with this yet, but I did check the MPEG 2 render settings in the current devel version vs the older working ones and they seem to be the same.

It is possible there is some conflict as I did all the Ubuntu upgrades also with it.
My upgrade history log is

I am running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with 320-33 generic I think 32 bit version.

Let me know any tests, steps, logs that will be helpful. I need to edit a show soon, so I might need to uninstall this and try a previous sunabl version. Any tips on how to get that version ?
He seems to list only the last two (which seem not to work on my machine).

Thanks for your help.



Okay, major find THIS ONLY HAPPENS WHEN SCALE IS SELECTED. It occurs whether or not the aspect ration button is selected. When scale is not selected all works fine. Pretty odd audio bug due to the scale option on render, but it is the case. Is there a workaround to this pre fix ? I need to convert my broadcast stuff down to YouTube Size (from 720x480 to 640x480) Thanks,Ross

Temporarily you could render out at a higher quality than your youtube delivery and scale and encode using something like Handbrake, a PPA is available for Ubuntu. Or use ffmpeg / avconv on the CLI to do the same.

I mentioned on another thread that I find rendering out to ffv1 lossless and then encoding / scaling etc in Handbrake or similar is more flexible if various deliverys are needed.

I find that trying to scale and encode directly to h264 for example can quadruple render times from kdenlive, where as a two step process is more flexible and not so dependant on getting the encoding right straight from kdenlive having first waited for what can be hours.

Hi there,
Thank you those are good ideas. I was starting to look into FFMPEG scaling. I will probably do as you suggest at least till things are fixed.
I am only editing in SD and a lot ( sometimes a nightly show) so the disk space can be a killer.
Rendering in SD ( I have some HD and when I put that in it is a killer) is pretty fast on an old machine it is almost always less than actual program time. One other point about what you say doing it your way would be a great way for future archives etc.

Thank you for your time and help.